Blockchain technology has gotten to the level in which the whole world cannot do without it. We have discovered that this technology is making the news headline everyday which symbolizes global and rapid adoption of this technology. But despite the greatness and potential of this technology, there are still some things that needed to be improved upon its use. We have several and different blockchain network such as bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, eos blockchain, tron blockchain and some other more. The level of difficulties associated with each of this blockchain network varies based on the type of blockchain.
We have some blockchain that are more cumbersome and difficult to use than some others, we also have some that easy to use but they are lacking some other qualities. Let’s take for example the speed of transaction which is solely dependent on the nature of blockchain transaction. Some transactions do take several hours before it could be confirmed on the blockchain network, some blockchain also charges high transaction and mining fees. This is the reason why a new team has gathered around to rectify this problem by launching a new blockchain project known as

Crypto Paradise


Crypto Paradise will be an Ecosystem of multiple projects, starting with DappStats, A Dapp tracking site that will share the revenue it generates with the token holders thus creating a sustainable dividend system.

CPR token will be an Exclusive token for the Crypto Paradise Ecosystem, which will give token holders a 1:1 Airdrop for DappStats tokens and all future projects.

The Vision & Mission of Crypto Paradise

CRYPTO PARADISE is a system of many projects like DappStats. It is tracking sites that will share the income which generates. It can create a sustainable dividend system. In the system of CRYPTO PARADISE, there is CPR token. It will be an exclusive token. CRYPTO PARADISE has long term space to create the project system so that the community gets the benefit. The team in this network believe that time is gold. It means that there is wasting time looking for a solution to benefit. This case, make the team begin the solution with DappStats. The user in the CRYPTO PARADISE is the priority. So, they will grow and discuss together.

CRYPTO PARADISE divided the purpose into four. The goals actually just for extra benefit, community, ecosystem, and user-friendly. The user of CPR will get the benefit for all future project in CRYPTO PARADISE. The project in the CRYPTO PARADISE focuses on the benefit of the community. There is a group project that helps the expansion and mass adoption allowing. CRYPTO PARADISE is user-friendly. It means that this system is very easy to use today and in the future.

Impending Challenges

Several people and developers just create blockchain-based projects simply because they can, not because they have direction or particular challenges they want to address, some just want people they can dump their tokens on and move on. They do not care about or focus on their communities; their projects are not sustainable which will inevitably leads to demise of these projects.

Another challenge is the fact that people lose interest quickly if they do not see anything that excite them about a particular project, that is why several Dapps are struggling because people have moved on to new Dapp already. The issue is people will soon move on from the new Dapp and the cycle will continue.

Lack of communication from the team that is behind a project often will inevitably leads to the demise of such project. People and investors want to know what is going regarding your project and if answers are not forthcoming, they will inevitably move on to another project.

The Solutions Offered

The key to solve any problem is to first identify what the issue really is, thankfully, the Crypto Paradise team have done their homework and they are now in pole position to provide solutions to these challenges.

Crypto Paradise’s first project is DappStats, a Dapp tracking site, and it is strongly believed that this will change the Dapp space completely by providing a sustainable dividend system. The aim is to provide for community a privilege of being part of something rewarding and most especially projects that will meet their requirements.

In order to ensure that people does not lose interest in their projects, Crypto Paradise and its amazing team will always provide up-to-date information on new Dapps on Dappstats, so the excitement will always be there.

Crypto Paradise’s team are very active and open regarding communication, in fact, their Telegram group is one of the most active where the team are on standby to answer any questions their community members may have and providing regular updates.

The Benefits of CPR Token

CRYPTO PARADISE has a good team to build the project, and the user following it. The user of CPR will get a reward from the all-new token in the CRYPTO PARADISE. They can get information about the price, discount to many other tokens. CPR token is limited, it just ten million tokens. This token is precious in the ecosystem of CRYPTO PARADISE. There are eight million tokens in the hard cap and four million tokens in the soft cap. CPR token is kind of TRC 10. The sale start date is on June 2019. The price is about 0.25 TRX.

Token Details

Token Name: CPR

Token Type: TRC 10

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Price: 0.25 TRX per CPR Token

SoftCap: 4,000,000 CPR

Token Distribution: Instant

CPR is not like many other projects’ token that have no real benefits. The benefits of CPR for holders are many;

Since it is limited in supply, the token will be scarce and the value will always appreciate. So, the few lucky ones that participate in the Token Sale would have struck gold in buying CPR.

The best thing about participating in Crypto Paradise Token Sale? CPR token is offered at a highly discounted price compared to many other tokens in crypto-space

Apart from that fact that CPR tokens have limited supply, the token is also essential to the Crypto Paradise Ecosystem growing and CPR holders will be rewarded at a ratio 1:1 basis, an Airdrop for DappStats tokens and all future projects.

The token distribution divided into three, those are:

80% for the token sale

10% for marketing

10% for partnership

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