AIDUS - The Decentralized Global Fund Market

The AIDUS Global D-Fund Platform is a decentralized fund market which create the environment for investors and asset management companies to collaborate with each other through the smart contract and the single currency system.

II. AIDUS Purposes

  1. A new decentralized fund market
    AIDUS project team aims to build the AIDUS Decentralized Fund Platform to serve the global investors and asset management companies with the criteria:

Allowing to implement the transactions via the decentralized fund platform based on the Blockchain technology.
Conducting the fund signing and redemption via the smart contract in quick and accuracy.
Offering the various portfolios with the verification.
Protecting the private data and asset of users with the high security.
Providing the flexible ways to access into decentralized fund platform by deploying both the website browser and mobile application version.
Serving users with the comprehensive services but in the minimum charges.

  1. A real value and unique cryptocurrency
    AIDUS project team plans to create the single key currency used on AIDUS decentralized fund platform – AIDUS coin (AID). Investors and asset management companies will use AIDUS coin for all activities and payments in AIDUS platform. AIDUS coin is issued with the objectives:

Facilitating the investments into the foreign portfolios.
Protecting coin holders by creating the fundamental for AIDUS coin.
Building the single currency system to assure the demand of AIDUS coin.

  1. A high-profit solution
    This is always the highest purpose of any projects. AIDUS project aims to:

Provide the high-profit solution for asset management companies.
Coming with the solution is the high secure and stable profitability.

III. AIDUS solution

  1. A decentralized fund market platform
    Blockchain is creating the revolutions in all industries. AIDUS project team has developed the blockchain-based decentralized fund platform to generate the opportunity for worldly investors and asset management companies to profit with the highest security features. Both investors and asset management companies are able to eliminate their doubt due to the transparent and verified information of their collaborating parties, which is powered by blockchain technology.
  2. Smart Quant Trading System
    Quant Trading System (QTS) is automatic fund trading system, researched and developed for 15 years and implemented for 3 years, can generate continuous and safe yield rate for asset management companies. QTS has actually brought the high profit which is proven by Lawoffice JimYung.

IV. Benefits of AIDUS

  1. For investors
    Easily access to the fund information with the various languages.
    No need to exchange for foreign investments.
    Effortlessly request for a redemption and reinvestment at maturity or mid-term of investment period.
    More opportunity to approach the high yield foreign portfolios.
    One-time registration to participate in multiple asset management portfolios and acquiring the high secure privacy for the information.
  2. For asset management companies
    Only prepare the fund portfolio information.
    Free access to the fund platform which has thousands of potential investors around the world.
    Ability to attract more and more investors and expand the business with the high profit and secure portfolios.
    V. AIDUS ICO details:
    Token name AIDUS
    Token Symbol AID
    Total supply 20,000,000,000 AID
    Start date October 1, 2018
    End date January 31, 2019
    Soft cap $ 3,000,000 USD
    Hard cap $ 20,000,000 USD
    VI. AIDUS team

    AIDUS partners

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