Many such additional investments have already been created, someone uses them to make money, the rest is elementary for fun. Before those who are more responsible, and those who want to receive excellent money, almost every time they experience difficult circumstances with such services: if you always win my idol, you can, by skill, reduce the maximum rate to the minimum size, block the account Without clarification, to delay payments after a certain amount of days, and in fact all these gambling games, and the user can only start again.

In this random event, although it is inevitable that such game states of these centralized offices and services need to be perceived. I have been betting on sports for almost 10 years, and I have systematically changed bookmakers, since I almost always won, they noticed it and just blocked my accounts. I don’t do this anymore, although I made a kindly additional 1st owner of finance news receipts in the amount of $ 250-300 per month.

People like the gambling industry are perky, but revolutionary innovations must be introduced into it so that dividends on interest will not fall, but only increase. And an attractive, decisive statement of the task itself is proposed by the Betform project.

Their main function assigned is to create a decentralized platform of games for social bets in different directions with the help of intellectual contracts. This idea allows players to compete together without intermediary offices, to form a large pool in order to win, to receive payments in the form of their personal coin tokens in an instant.

In contrast to the traditionally formed formations, this ecosystem pursues the right vision in obtaining more owners, but not only profits. Any practically player will be able to see translucent final products of all games. The application can already be downloaded for two operating systems or read MVP.

Anyone can join the game without restrictive restraints. The site is already licensed and is now under the private sale of tokens, the group of companies will start on the 8th of the 2nd month of the winter of 2019, for a given period of time selling money for more than 72 million dollars. and recognizable games such as Texas Poker, Big 2 and in-Between, which are absolutely completely free.

While the vector of development of the team is an online casino, and fans of ordinary casinos will be able to assign the cost of all the benefits that this startup recommends. Monetary operations will be carried out with the introduction of their personal token, the platform undertakes to distribute 35% of revenue to the tournaments as a prize on a quarterly basis.

Players no longer need to worry about the fact that one of their relatives or acquaintances can find out about their preferences in gambling: each of them will have a personal wallet that is not associated with bank cards and other payment systems.

Token Symbol: BFC
Token type: Utility token
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total Supply: 240,000,000 BFC
Token for Sale: 96,000,000 BFC
Open Sale Start: January 8, 2019
Token Price: 1 BFC = USD 0.10
Hard cap: USD 9,600,000

Token distribution
Pre-sale 43.9%
Founders 11%
Open sale 40%
Team 2.5%
Bounty & AirDrops 2.6%

Token sale proceeds allocation
Development & Operations 55%
Marketing 10%
Reserve & Working Captital 10%
Advisors 10%
Legal 15%

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