InnovaMinex - proven and affordable precious metals. InnovaMinex is designed to certify the process of producing precious stones from the initial stage of its production to processing and subsequent sale. InnovaMinex will eliminate the illegal market in the industry. In addition to legalization, InnovaMinex also offers its online stores, which feature only proven products, network ATMs, and cryptocurrency for quick purchases.

Benefits of InnovaMinex

The InnovaMinex platform allows you to purchase authenticated and high quality products at an affordable price. Transparency and work safety in the project provide the blockchain platform. All posted data is stored in a single book, fixes in which it is impossible to even make the creators of the project. The history of every stone and metal is preserved without a statute of limitations. With a decentralized storage system, InnovaMinex's storage capacity is endless.

InnovaMinex works on low cost projects. According to experts, the estimate of a production site is $ 2 billion. The main precious metals of InnovaMinex are silver and gold. The platform jewelry factory is capable of processing up to 200 kg of gold per day. The plant operates without stopping, presenting high levels of performance. InnovaMinex manufactures products for the most popular sites in the world, including eBay, Amazon, etc. The range of products is mainly represented by ingots and gold and silver decorative coins.

All project calculations are performed through smart contracts, which ensures transaction security and high speed. To further protect its customers, InnovaMinex uses unique security algorithms. Among them is a confirmation system, which, if the data is inserted incorrectly, opens a new attempt only after one minute. InnovaMinex distributed nodes work together for fast transactions. Multi-currency cryptographic cards allow you to make purchases using ETH and BTC, but when using crypto, additional bonuses and discounts are provided.

InnovaMinex has good adaptability and can be integrated directly into several platforms. Due to the work of the manufacturer and buyer directly, InnovaMinex allows you to avoid additional costs and make payments under the P2P scheme.

Criptomoeda InnovaMinex

For calculations in the design, INX tokens, implemented based on the Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard, are used. In total, 300 million tokens were issued, of which 70% went on sale. Softcap project is 10 million dollars, hardcap - 52.5 million dollars. In the period from November 26 to December 9, preliminary sales will be made on the project, within which you can buy chips with a 30% bonus.

Review Summary InnovaMinex

Thus, the InnovaMinex platform allows users to purchase proven licensed products made from precious metals at an affordable price. Working without intermediaries in a comfortable interface, 24-hour service support and favorable prices will attract the attention of buyers of precious goods around the world. InnovaMinex has prepared a gift for large investors - by purchasing 14,000 platform tokens, the investor receives an exclusive ingot from InnovaMinex.

The development of the project began in 2013. The first mining plant has already been successfully launched, the launch of the second one is scheduled for April next year. Product sales - in September. By the end of 2021, the creators of the project plan to launch the full production in several factories with the sale of products in the main sites.

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ICO details:

ICO Time: 26 Nov 2018 - 26 Jan 2019
Whitelist / KYC: Whitelist + KYC
Country: Estonia
Token info:
Ticker: INХ
Platform: Own
Token Type: Own
Available for sale: 210,000,000 INХ (70%)
ICO Price: 1 USD = 2 INX
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 52,500,000 USD
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Website :
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Whitepaper : English
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BTT profile:;u=1234556

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