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Hello dear readers, today I want to talk about a new EOS based project to solve one of the big problems of the blockchain world. Even for 2017, the success rate for ico was as low as 46% for all of us. While some of the very good ideas could not collect the investment they deserved, some scam or worthless projects have attracted huge losses to their investors by collecting a lot of investment that they deserve. The common idea of ​​everyone who has a few ideas about the crypto world is the same, great innovations about ico processes have to come, or it is not possible to remove such fake projects. EQWITY plans to strengthen the market by introducing strong innovations about icos. Thanks to the new ICO.E standard, it is possible to have more positive developments in the market.

What are the problems that caused the project to emerge?

SCAM - The real trouble for the ICO market. According to various estimates, the share of fraudulent projects in the total volume of ongoing ICO projects can reach an impressive level of 78%.

Lack of rights - investors do not have the right to vote, dividends and voting, but they invest in new companies. Thus, investors do not have the opportunity to influence decision-making by the founders and managers of companies.

Unverified installers - there is no clear mechanism for verifying the identity of the founders of companies currently running ICO. The scanned copies of passports are easy to imitate with the help of modern graphic editors, which are actively used by fraudsters. Fake LinkedIn profiles positioned as a reliable source of business information are also actively applied.

The possibility of high failure - hundreds of hundreds of thousands of investment projects have now died. Some did not go to any stock exchanges, others did not offer a study product. According to the most modest estimates, the volume of funds from failed projects is more than $ 100 million.

Hacker attacks - In 2017, more than 10% of ICO funds were stolen from hacker attacks. In monetary terms, this was $ 3.7 billion.

Lack of experience and qualifications - many companies are characterized by low quality projects, lack of entrepreneurial experience, insufficient developer qualifications and a precarious financial situation.

Government regulation - many governments are trying to restrict or even ban an ICO. According to them, this industry creates ideal conditions for the reign of chaos and anarchy, fraudsters, mafia and money laundering.

Money laundering - many companies refuse to implement the AML procedure, which adversely affects the fight against illegal money laundering.

High obstacles - today the cost of starting an ICO is changing between 100,000 and 500,000 USD. Thus, unequal conditions for the participants are created and usually start with having a good idea, but without the opportunity to keep an ICO before starting capital.
This is in fact a good phenomenon to revive the crypto world when a successful ICO project leads to a large number of other token sales, but it is a pity that all ICO projects are not successful and the worst will result in SCAM. The highly harmful investors and coin have a bad reputation for their sales project, so London-based Eqwity Ltd has created a better ICO system by promoting better self-regulation of the blockchain industry by offering better ICO standards and safety.

Eqwity is an ecosystem that independently promotes the blockchain industry by providing new ICO standards and is supported by EOSIO, a local crypto currency supported by EOS. The protocol emulates many of the features of a real computer, including hardware (CPU (s) and GPU (s) for processing, local / RAM memory, hard disk storage) with equally distributed computing resources among EOS cryptocurrency owners. EOSIO operates as a smart contracting platform and a decentralized operating system designed to distribute industrial-scale decentralized applications through a decentralized autonomous enterprise model. The smart contract platform demands to remove transaction fees and perform millions of transactions per second. The truth is at this time,

Due to the explosion of the ICO, according to statistics, too many investors were deceived, 78% of the ICO ended with SCAM. This is not the only problem faced by investors who provide financing to ICO projects, but investors are voting rights, shares and dividends of the Company, and Eqwity plays a role by relying on ICO.E on investor issues. The new ICO standard-based transparency and two-way trust are among the founder and the investor. ICO.E refers to First Money Offer + Stock Distribution, ICO.E uses new concepts in fundraising, bilateral transparency, bi-directional trust (investors and founders) in the process of Sustainable Finance and Credibility Proof.

According to News Bitcoin, the collected ICO funds resulted in a large amount of more than $ 100 million. The problems faced by the ICO mostly stem from low project quality, lack of entrepreneurial experience, lack of skills and lack of a sustainable financial vision. Using the ICO.E Platform, this is where Eqwity's role addresses all these problems. .

Eqwity is an ecosystem that introduces the new ICO standard, centralizing the company management and encouraging the self-regulation of the block chain by opening the door to the trading of shares. Powered by EOSIO. Risk of proving that the project is a fraud. This is a big problem for many investors, because today the project is fraught with the fraud program. New ideas are the most designed to simply draw funds without the opportunity to obtain.

Not real. In some cases, investors spend an impressive amount of support for the project and do not take stock or other securities can guarantee future profits. The creator of the ICO can only assign funds that refuse to work together at any time at the appropriate time. Launch of your own projects full of many real problems that don't allow you to fully implement your plan today. People trying to promote their ideas to the digital world, but it is not easy to find funding.

The beginning of the ICO is always associated with a particular risk, so many promising ideas are ignored. The developers of the decentralization platform Eqwity will create a real revolution in this segment and provide a platform for the placement of candidate projects for their clients. This is a great opportunity to minimize all risks and is looking for investors ready to support new ideas. The platform will be the foundation of Eqwity, a chain block that will guarantee the safety of all members of the global community project. Everyone will be able to implement their plans using potential collaterals.

The creators of the new projects often do not think about all the necessary details and lead to major problems in the future. Therefore, they need tools to carry out their plans effectively. Investors could not get information about the project creator. They have to act blindly; There is no way to work on a global scale. First of all, there are many countries that do not allow public opinion and do not allow the ICO to be administered, and that the law is a problem.

Eqwity offers a number of key features, such as the decentralized ecosystem, which allows for the implementation of chain blocks in most sectors. Thus, people will be able to identify their own assets and realize promising projects. Second, the Eqwity platform also offers new opportunities for all customers. Only a safe and proven project will be available, which will avoid problems in the fraud program. The trust relationship between the user and the user of the platform is a decentralized platform that provides maximum security for all transactions supported by intelligent contracts.

Third, the large Exchange is based on a block chain. This platform will allow all shareholders to seek options for profitable change. Users of decentralized platform platforms no longer have to spend time searching for various services and Exchange, they will be able to perform the necessary actions on the platform; and the last chance to meet newcomers. Anyone can be an expert in the real launch of the ICO. In the future, founders would benefit from decentralized platforms to find staff. This is really important.

In this case, you have to emphasize the features of smart contracts. Because of these details each transaction is considered official and real, mandatory. Smart contracts eliminate fraud. Thanks to expert opinion, investors will be able to select only high quality and potential projects for their investments.

The decentralized platform allows you to encourage the ICO to attract investors to fully implement the plan. Due to the unique projects of platform creator Eqity, prospective projects will be able to find funding for further development. Investors are interested in the stock and to get to Token.

In order to finance the development of the Eqwity Ecosystem, the public offers opportunities for EQY Tokens to start selling on November 8, 2018 with 1 EQY = US $ 0.01 and the price of tokens available. for coin-operated sales 3,250,000,000 EQY. For detailed information on sales tokens, please visit eqwity.io and introductory report

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