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What is EOSex?

Way back in 2017 in anticipation of the coming explosive growth in the EOS ecosystem. Now, with EOS already off and running, the https://eosex.com has also successfully gone live! The EOSex team members include solid professionals from across the fields of blockchain, finance, IT, and law, and are backed by well-respected heavyweight blockchain investors (such as Broad Harvest Capital) who have all come together to create a global exchange that is secure, self-governing, high-performance, and transparent. The exchange uses a mining system that has been specially designed to prevent the types of massive collapses that have already been seen on other exchanges. Plus, EOSex is truly community-based--a true DAC, where 100% of exchange profits are distributed back to all EXP (EOS Exchange Proof) token holders, and where all EXP token holders have a say in exchange policies, in voting for new listings, and participating in other exchange programs and promotions. EOSex is designed from the ground up to be a fair, open, and transparent exchange. In addition to the trading of cryptocurrencies, EOSex will also offer trading in CFDs, as well as on-chain token trading—thereby satisfying the needs of all types of investors.

EOSex is building a global one-stop trading platform for quality assets. We intend to provide a safe, fair, and transparent digital asset trading platform for the blockchain industry.
We are creating an ecosystem built on a distributed governance system that not only allows for the trading of cryptocurrencies but the trading of tokenized financial derivative products, making for a complete digital trading platform that can access the world. The founding team was an early adopter of the EOS platform, having already worked on a number of successful EOS-based projects. Thus, the team was able to clearly see early on the strong potential of the EOS platform and of the EOS community and moved to establish the EOSex.com website to begin building a platform that could capitalize on the coming explosive wave in digital asset trading on the EOS platform. The EOSex team brings together professionals from the fields of the blockchain, finance, IT, and law, backed by solid financial support, to create a fast, secure, open, self-governing, high-performance, transparent, community-based global digital asset trading platform.

Identified Problems

Low Trading Volumes:
There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies currently trading on various exchanges around the world. As the number of quality tokens increases, the larger exchanges are forced to keep pace by constantly adding new trading pairs to their lineups. Bitfinex, for example, had only 60 trading pairs in December of 2017, but now has over 200. Plus, with regulations for cryptocurrencies still unclear in many countries, it can be difficult for fresh money to come into the crypto market, meaning that existing funds circulating within the circulating within the crypto markets end up getting spread out thinner and thinner across an increasingly large number of trading pairs, resulting in thinner trading volumes across the board. And, given the market’s preference for chasing the newest and latest tokens, the older, more established tokens end up seeing their trading volumes drying up over time, making it difficult for investors to get in or out of those tokens.

Difficulties Getting Listed on Exchanges: Larger exchanges often charge exorbitant fees for the privilege of listing a project’s token on their exchange, with the whole process of choosing which tokens get listed extremely murky and non-transparent. This process forces projects to spend a large portion of the funds that they raise from private and public token sales to pay for listing fees, funds which would otherwise be used for developing the actual project.

Very Little Variety in the Types of Digital Assets Available: Very few digital exchanges offer trading in futures products and even fewer offer trading in options products. So, despite the global nature of the cryptocurrency industry, the average crypto trader has very limited access to all of the other quality assets that the world has to offer. This issue will need to be overcome if digital asset trading is to become a truly global endeavour.

EOSex plans to offer digital asset spot trading, CFD trading, and on-chain trading. EOSex will issue exchange tokens, called EXP (EOSex Proof). Once EXP tokens have been issued, EOSex will no longer be an independent blockchain entity, but rather a distributed company controlled by its community, by EXP token holders, and by the EOSex foundation. All EXP token holders will share in the profits generated from EOSex. Thus, EOSex will become a community-based platform that will work together across all of its members and partners to create a global one-stop platform for quality digital assets.

Website: https://eosex.com
Twitter : https://twitter.com/eosexcom
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1234556

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