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Thomas Edison had an unusual way of hiring his engineers. He’d hold up a lightbulb and ask the candidate how much water it would hold. Some candidates used gauges, measurements, and scientific calculations to determine the answer. Others simply filled the bulb with water and then poured the contents into a measuring cup. Which candidates got the job? The ones who used the simple approach—filling the bulb with water.

Once you have determined the type of individual you want to add to your team, have written the job description, and have decided on a salary range, you begin the search. Where do you go to find the people to help you realize your business vision?

The best place to start is within your own business network. Reach out to others whom you respect and let them know you are searching for a qualified candidate. Many business owners and managers are finding themselves in the difficult position of laying off good employees, and they would welcome the opportunity to refer those people whenever possible. (However, keep in mind the importance of identifying a candidate who has entrepreneurial expe­rience or mindset.)
Additionally, almost all businesspeople have friends and former colleagues who are in the process of a job search. For me, networking has always proven to be the best way to find high-quality individuals.

Staffing agencies, although more expensive, can be well worth the money. Typically, you pay a staffing agency a percentage of the employee’s first-year annual salary. However, just as with a temporary staffing agency, they will help you refine the job description, establish a fair-market salary range, prescreen all candidates, conduct testing, and undertake the necessary background and reference checks. If you’ve never had any experience hiring employees, a staffing agency could be a smart way to go.

But there is the best way to recruit professionals for your business, using BlooCYS. BlooCYS allows you to be able to recruit professionals more easily and efficiently. BlooCYS truly unique as it offers convenience, timely delivery and high standards of service that today’s demanding consumers are expecting. In fact, the consultancy service on BlooCYS can be delivered to them whether they are at home, office, cafe or in the park. At the same time, BlooCYS empowers professionals and experts in different fields who are looking for more flexible working arrangements or additional income.

Advantages of the platform:

Safety and transparency
Expert functionality
Maximize Economic Skills
Lack of geographical barriers
24 hour service
Cost effective when removing intermediaries and high transaction fees
Smart contracts
BlooCYS is committed to creating an open platform for all users, together with partners in the ecosystem, to seamlessly provide and consume the service. We have now secured partnerships with several institutions that have committed themselves to using the BlooCYS service. This will accelerate the growth of users on the platform.

Details of the ICO

Token Symbol - CYS

Token Standard - ERC20, Ethereum

The number of issued tokens - 1,000,000,000 CYS

Token cost: 1 CYS = 0.10 USD

Soft Cap: USD $ 5 million

Hard Cap: USD $ 40 million

Accepted Currency: ETH

Token distribution:


Use of funds:


Road map





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