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Why build a project

The growth of the 4.0 revolution has contributed to eliminating barriers to access to capital by businesses as well as those who need to borrow through P2P Lending models, or peer loans.

The shared economy now does not stop at the applications of calling cars, finding houses ... but also changing business methods in the financial industry, with the support of technology. Just having a mobile device such as a smartphone, an internet-connected laptop, participants can borrow and lend quickly.

Peer lending helps connect people who are idle with people who need money in the short term, through an online platform. The relationship between the borrower and lender in P2P Lending is equal. They can swap roles flexibly according to specific circumstances and needs. Real P2P Lending model towards black credit reduction with a civilized, fast and convenient borrowing platform.

The speculation turns out to be increasingly helpful and carries higher comes back with loan costs of up to 4% by partaking in the Bitbond people group. Bitbond is a token backer, Bitbond Finance gmbH, an entirely claimed organization of BitbondgmbH. Bitbond is the principal electronic cash based loaning stage for business credits working all around. Established in 2013, Bitbond right now encourages more than $ 1 million in business advances each month.


About Bitbond token

To give the most ideal experience, Germany's first security token will be discharged on the Stellar blockchain. With the capacity to deal with in excess of 1,000 exchanges for every second, exchange costs equivalent to one percent, decentralized trades and dynamic accomplice organize stages, Stellar is a standout amongst the best blockchain to deal with. Installment rationale and issuing token.

BB1 is the main security token administration in Germany with the outline consenting to EU plan guidelines.

Token : bb1
Platform : stellar
Type : security
Min. investment: 1 Eur
Accepting : ETH, BTC, XLM,...
Soft cap : 5,000,000 Eur
Hard cap : 10,000,000 Eur
Price : 1 Eur/ token
Tokens sale : 100,000,000

Distribute token
At the end of the registration period on May 10, Bitbond Finance will distribute all BB1 token for Stellar's wallet to the owner of the token. Wallet is created automatically while buying.






If real estate investors need large capital, securities investors must have financial knowledge ... and must depend on the market, then the P2P model has considerable stability when interest rates The rate is fixed, investors also do not need to follow information about volatility in the market. Investors with small capital can participate and achieve profitability. The statistical reality of P2P companies around the world indicates that more than 80% of investors have met expectations and even exceeded the expected interest rates. Bitbond is one of those projects that will bring great success in this area. BB1 token is safer and more stable than other electronic money-based investments. To learn more about the project, visit the links below:

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