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About Blockchain Media Group :

The objective of the Blockchain Media Group is to furnish you with fair news and day in and day out inclusion for everything in the Blockchain biological system. We will probably give IPTV and spilling Internet TV benefits that will communicate video news about the blockchain and digital currency. We will likewise send portable applications that enable you to get to these administrations in a hurry and whenever of your decision. Notwithstanding TV news, we will communicate an every minute of every day blockchain announcing radio station, just as give digital broadcasts to your listening delight. We need you to utilize our media in any language you like.

The reason for the Blockchain Media Group is to give you modest and objective instructive material about the universe of Blockchain. BCMG One will be put on TV, radio stations and different stages. BCMG has chosen that the most ideal approach to manage normal issues is to make your very own media arrange and to make BCMG tokens the most significant approach to pay for notices and media administrations.

Such a large number of blockchain news suppliers are one-sided and give data that is proposed to support perusers/watchers in a specific course. Every now and then this can make your very own examination a test. This news supplier likewise approaches over the top expenses for distributing articles, and this isn't goal or reasonable.

BCMG accepts this has made a media biological system that supports just a single statistic venture and a little network to turn into the principal injured individual. It is difficult to get news about another undertaking in the event that you need to pay for each bit of media that you attempt to move. In the Blockchain Media Group, we need to be an answer for a developing issue in the blockchain part.

The goal of The Blockchain Media Group is to provide users with unbiased news and 24/7 coverage for everything that is in the Blockchain system. The company's goal is to provide IPTV and streaming Internet TV services that will broadcast video news about the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The company will also deploy mobile apps that allow users to access these services on the go and at any time of their choice. In addition to television news, The Blockchain Media Groupwill broadcast a 24/7 blockchain reporting radio station, as well as provide podcasts for your listening pleasure. The company wants users to use their media in any language they like.

The Blockchain Media Group Plans to provide you with several aspects of using Blockchain News and Media. The company wants users to trust the media you use on our platform, so we promise to provide a truly objective, transparent and educational platform for all our users. The company plans to deliver this medium to users in the form of round-the-clock IPTV / online streaming television, as well as mobile applications for ease of use by the masses. In addition to providing 24-hour Blockchain news and TV / radio, the company will also offer honest advertising for public projects. Too many blockchain news providers are biased and provide information designed to push the reader in a certain direction.


The BCMG token is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum network. As a member of ICM BCMG, users will get access to BCMG tokens earlier than anyone else. The company offers a 10% purchase bonus on the first of three stages in ICO, where 3,000,000 tokens will be put up for sale at each stage. BCMG Token will be used to purchase advertising space, as well as to pay for our content creators, as well as to fund the further development of our platform so that we can provide you with the best services available.

For the sale of tokens, the team will use a token based on the ethereum ERC-20. They will be in circulation for some time, but the company will explore all the features and technologies of Blockchain that they can hope to adapt to make the BCMG token successful, becoming our primary payment method for their platform.

The Blockchain Media Group will be dedicated to bringing users transparent and ethical news about everything related to Blockchain. The token itself will be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, such as paying content creators, used to pay for advertising in our network, and also as a speculative asset for our investors. The token will allow the company to create BCMG and give it real value.

The Blockchain Media Group team is disappointed with the current Blockchain Media system and how the business is conducted. It pushes out small community projects, and they think it's unfair. If you do not like how to do something, try to change it right? This is exactly what The Blockchain Media Group team decided to try and do here, and they hope that you will join them.

The Blockchain Media Group suggests using Trust Wallet the official Binance wallet to store your tokens. Easily download it through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Control of the token BCMG does not give the controlling person any asset or interest in the company or on the platform. The BCMG Token does not grant any rights to participate in control over the management of a company, the establishment of solutions or the platform.

Token sale information

Title: Blockchain Media Group
Symbol: BCMG
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Public sales: 45%, 9,000
Private sales tokens: 10% 2,000,000
Content Download Tokens: 20% 4,000,000
Budget Gift Tokens: 5% 1,000. 000
Team Token and Development: 10% 2 000 000
Sales Bonus Tokens: 10% 2000000 Token
START SALE: June 20, 2019
END OF TIME: August 1, 2019
STAGE 1 TOKEN COST: .10 cents (USD) per token
PERIOD: June 20, 2019 -4 July, 2019
STAGE 2 COST OF TOKEN: .15 cents (USD) per token
PERIOD: July 5, 2019 - July 18, 2019
STAGE 3 COST OF TOKEN: .20 cents (USD) per token
PERIOD: July 19, 2019 - August 1, 2019



Website: https://www.blockchainmedia.group/
White Paper: https://www.blockchainmedia.group/token/white-paper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCMediaToken
Telegram: https://t.me/BCMediaGroup
Telegram bounty: https://t.me/bcmgbounty
Medium: https://medium.com/@groupblockchainmedia
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0e0hHXmziQCHojoLqZtfQ

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