WP bits #1. Why the games market needs RAWG

Welcome to WP bits, RAWG’s regular series of posts where we chop ourwhitepaper, presentations, other documents and overall strategy in small digestible pieces. The presale of RAWG tokens is already open and we are halfway through to the hardcap of $10M, so this is high time we started explaining RAWG tokens to private purchasers.The entertainment industry is huge. It consists of various markets that are large even individually, but when they are put together it is gargantuan. In 2017 the movies market was $40.6bln, the music was $17.3bln, the books grossed around $106bln. In comparison only in 2017 the games market totaled at $121.7bln and is expected to raise $180.1 billion by 2021.

These markets are very similar in their basics. Putting it simply, all of them have content creators and consumers. The content is being created non-stop and keeps getting piled up. Which is why one of the main problems of all these industries is discovery. Entertainment industries popped into existence when it became possible to make copies of art creations easily and distribute them. Hence the book industry started in the 15th century, the music — the 19th century, the movies — the 20th century and they started suffering from a discovery problem at some point. The amount of movies, songs, books and games is so high that the consumer can get lost in the ocean of content. When there’s lots of content, it needs to be catalogued for better discovery. Which is why now you can see IMDb for movies, Goodreads/Bookmate for books and Spotify for music.The games industry is relatively young, having started in the 1970s with just a handful of games and players but nowadays nearly every third person in the world has launched a game. With that amount of players the volume of content is staggering. With over 24,000 games on Steam, over 8,000 on PS, over 6,000 on Xbox and whopping 783,000 on App Store, not to mention dozens of retro-consoles, thousands of tiny masterpieces on Itch.io, and so much more, it’s safe to say that we can choose from over 1,000,000 of games on half a hundred platforms. But the discovery service is nowhere to be found.

Here’s who helps us discover new games right now.

Friends. But the problem is that you don’t necessarily share tastes with your friends.
Media. But journalists are limited in their time and cannot possibly cover all games that are released daily. Besides, media may be biased and usually write about fresh releases, so this might be a pain if you are a fan of retro games or just want to see what you missed in recent years.
Game stores. Steam, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, etc. know what you like but only inside their own space, so the gamer is limited to one platform exclusivity and his preferences on other platforms are not taken into account.
Statistics show that only in US 76% of players play on at least 2 different devices while 87% of console gamers also use desktop for computer games.Faced with such an overwhelming amount of content on different platforms, a user requires a digital bookshelf, so to speak.And here comes RAWG, the first discovery service for games where players’ preferences on App Store can get a recommendation for a game on PlayStation and vice versa.We believe that this is the optimal solution to the matters described above. RAWG has already compiled a database of over 57,000 unique games with more than 18,000 creators to create the most complete recommendation service based on gamers’ preferences on any platform.PlayStation trophies, Xbox and Steam achievements that gamers have acquired are also combined into one system that not only shows off gaming skills but turns them into profit on one of the biggest markets in the entertainment industry with the help of blockchain and RAWG token. By utilizing blockchain we strive to become the first service to give rewards for the lifestyle of 2.6B people.

RAWG’s presale is already open, join us and be among the first holders of RAWG tokens.If you liked this post, don’t hesitate to clap 50 times. And please read more abouttoken circulation and rivals of RAWG token in other WP bits.

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