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STEEL Ecosystem by SISHUB

If maximum anonymity and complete security is what you are looking for,

Then STEEL Ecosystem is what you need!

  • Anonymous STEEL Messenger
  • Built-in cryptocurrency STEEL Wallet
  • Decentralized STEEL Network for Secure Data Exchange
  • SISHUB Blockchain Network
  • Decentralized Complex Blockchain-based Antivirus Software

Anonymous STEEL Messenger

  • Secured Communication:

STEEL Messenger is at your service whenever you need confidential communication. Anonymous, highly protected, equipped with a set of additional features. It will protect your correspondence, while you remain completely anonymous without linking to your phone number or IP-addresses.

Built-in Cryptocurrency STEEL Wallet

  • Secured Storage and Exchange of cryptocurrencies:

Before you conduct the first transaction, your phone or tablet will be carefully checked by the next-generation Antivirus solution. In case of a possible threat, you will receive a SIGNAL. Modified firmware, trojans, viruses or any vulnerable software will be detected BEFORE you can be harmed.

Decentralized STEEL Network for Secure Data

  • Secured Data Transfer:

The Product encrypts a network and its data, and allows us to transfer files securely without the fear of hacking and data interception during transmission.

SISHUB Blockchain Network

  • Perfect, self-designed Blockchain

STEEL blockchain network will provide the ability to conduct transactions. By using the STEEL Token you can make transfers to users of other popular blockchain networks: Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Waves without exchange offices as mediators. No extra costs and commissions. At stock exchange rate.

Decentralized Complex Blockchain-based STEEL AntivirusSoftware

  • Secured Desktop and Mobile Devices:

Development of a flexible adaptive protection system, which, in addition to searching for viruses from non-public databases, will also search for and correct defective settings and all the vulnerabilities of a protection system. Running on the client’s side, a DAPP will receive updates from the decentralized network on all the latest viruses and security threats.


Ethereum smart contract (ERC20)

Total Emission: 35,000,000,000 STEEL

Main stages of ICO:

  • Start: 20.11.2018 ; Finish: 20.01.2019
  • Soft Cap: 5 000 ETH ; Hard Cap: 50 000 ETH
  • Min \ Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH \ No

Stage A: (20.11.2018 - 25.11.2018) Token Price : 1 ETH = 300,000 STEEL

Stage B: (26.11.2018 - 07.12.2018) Token Price : 1 ETH = 250,000 STEEL

Stage C: (08.12.2018 - 20.01.2019) Token Price : 1 ETH = 200,000 STEEL

                                                            OUR ROADMAP  

Any member of the STEEL Ecosystem community has an outstanding opportunity to test STEEL Messenger since September 2018. Stay with us. This is SISHUB.





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