Republia is a global decentralized and autonomous platform where users are provided with full functionality to get acquainted with Blockchain technology and the ability to write their own smart contracts.

Features of the platform:

  1. A new form of using Blockchain technology

    Advanced technology helps quickly and securely update the protocol data, and the use of Sidechains technology will help to ensure further global development of the network.

  2. Reliable smart contracts

    Using the most effective programming languages makes it easy and convenient to create your own smart contracts and at the same time ensures transparency of all operations and guaranteed protection of the user's personal data.

  3. Republia Bank technology

    It gives the project participants an advantage when using Blockchain technology in real life, by introducing the internal cryptocurrency RPB as a full-fledged payment resource.

  4. Autonomous ecosystem

    The uniqueness of the platform is the use of internal voting between users of the system. This function is effectively used to make changes to the platform.

  5. Cloud X

    This function provides 100% confidentiality of each user's stored data, while being a full-fledged application for cloud storage.

What are the possibilities of the Republia project?

  1. Online operations on the network

    The planned and well-designed device of the system allows increasing and globalize the number of conducted transactions, while excluding fraud in the network. After, the transaction is immediately recorded in the virtual network log.

  2. Confidentiality

    The project team takes great care of their potential customers, and very carefully worked out the issue of privacy and anonymity of personal data. Due to the divided amount of each transaction, it is impossible to determine the original sender after receiving the entire transferred amount.

  3. Reliable ecosystem

    A lot of tools that work effectively to eliminate fraudulent accounts or unscrupulous users. With the dramatically increased transaction growth on one individual account, the user is not blocked, and a large commission is charged with each new transfer, to confirm and exclude spam attacks.

  4. Quarantine of suspicious applications

    The platform uses the system to isolate problematic applications for the time of identifying the cause of the problems, thus no internal system process stops and users can comfortably use the service.

  5. Unique RepubliaID

    The system uses automatic data updating technology. This is done using the internal vote of the platform users, which can be implemented both in the full version of the application, and each user in his personal account.


    To ensure system security, the internal unique mechanism is used, which guarantees the deduction of a certain amount of RPB. If an attempt is made to hack the system or personal data of a particular user, his deposit in the virtual wallet will be canceled.

  7. Checking

    Using this technology allows you to block blocks, in order to prevent or avoid possible internal attacks.

The intelligent contract creation system guarantees its users:
  1. Clear and easy to use interface.
  2. The opportunity for experienced users and developers to prove themselves and develop their own individual smart contract.
  3. The ability to create contracts, depending on the needs of each user with instant access to the project.
  4. Security and transparency of each internal operation.
  5. Guaranteed execution of each transaction.



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