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Technological progress is developing very rapidly. Such technologies as blockchain and smart contracts have appeared. The benefits of blockchain technology are undeniable. This technology is beginning to actively penetrate into many areas of our lives. Over the years, the digital currency market has become a very lucrative investment field. More and more people are looking to take advantage of digital assets and blockchain technology. Blockchain technology becomes the basis of modern technologies and has a huge potential. But one of the main drawbacks of blockchain technology is that the system processes transactions very slowly. While digital currencies are more popular than ever and the volume of transactions cannot register numbers exceeding the $1 billion mark each year. These numbers may be large for the digital market, but they are smaller when compared to the trading market of traditional currencies, where billions of dollars are moving every day. Even the simplest transaction made with Bitcoin can take about 10 minutes to be confirmed, using a powerful Internet connection and modern software. Now we will talk about the wonderful company Plaza Systems and the work they are doing to remedy this situation.

What is Plaza Systems?

Plaza Systems is a company focused on the introduction of blockchain into e-Commerce. The company combines the MerchantChain and Freedom Lifestyle for e-Commerce, which will be the fastest on the planet.
MerchantChain is the fastest, most scalable, self-contained, secure and promising blockchain for e-Commerce.

Advantages of MerchantChain

  1. Maximum speed:
    The figures are 15,000 + transactions per second and the average transaction confirmation time is less than 3 seconds.
  2. Scalability:
    Bitcoin and Ethereum, the most widely used blockchains, are currently unsuitable for mass transactions. They are used today for massive investments, but if blockchains are ever going to be useful for anything other than investment, solutions are needed to allow them to maintain productivity with increasing throughput. This problem will be solved with the help of the MerchantChain, which will provide infinite scalability.
  3. Sustainable development:
    Registry supported by energy-efficient IOT and mobile and desktop applications according to the proof-of-reputation algorithm.
  4. Improve security:
    AURA SSL certificate to prevent fraud and improve trust and confidence.
  5. Prospect:
    In the future, with the advent of quantum computers that will be able to hack the blockchain, the MerchantChain will remain reliable and secure.

What does Plaza offer?

  1. PlazaCard is a debit card for using cryptocurrency in shops, restaurants, hotels, or withdrawing local currency at ATMs.
  2. Plaza Merchants
  3. Mobile and desktop applications with a personal assistant based on artificial intelligence.
  4. PlazaConcerge is a device with a personal assistant and anonymous shopping, secure crypto wallet.
  5. Bonuses for all participants.



Having studied all aspects of this project, we can conclude that Plaza Systems has very great prospects. A professional team of developers has prepared a carefully thought-out concept, as well as a road map of the project, so I want to believe that the project will be implemented according to the plan. If you are interested in the project, you can find more detailed information on the links below.
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