At the moment, the world is open a huge variety of restaurants, cafes, gyms and other institutions that use background music. At the same time their number is constantly growing. It is known that over the past year, revenues received by streaming music services already exceed $6 billion.

According to studies, most people consider the musical atmosphere in the institution is an extremely important factor that affects their decision to visit a particular institution. Thus, customers prefer those places where their favorite music is played. They spend more time in such places and therefore spend more money there.

But imagine that every visitor to a cafe or bar has a unique opportunity to participate in the selection of tracks that will sound in the institution. You do not have to leave the bar or persuade the DJ to put other music. You will only need to take your mobile phone, open the app and vote for your favorite song. It will be added to the queue. You want better music, ask your friends to do the same.


It is a platform that enables listeners to control the background music they hear. All existing music platforms are designed to listen to songs personally by each user. But Moozicore works differently. The platform will allow each user to influence the music he hears in public places such as a bar, gym or restaurants.

Surely everyone remembers the good old jukeboxes in the cafe? As a rule, they all work as follows: you throw a coin, choose your favorite music and it starts playing. Now, in the age of crazy growth of mobile technologies and blockchain technology, such jukeboxes are replaced by the Moozicore platform!


Now the project is under testing, but it can already be downloaded from the Apple Store and Play Market.
In the Moozicore app, users can select songs, vote for their favorite music, chat with other users, view special bar or restaurant offers, and share music on social networks.

The idea is very simple and that's what fascinates me. It seems that it will be beneficial to all:

1) Ordinary users will be able to listen to your favorite music.
2) Owners of institutions connected to the platform will attract new customers. Customers will spend more time in the institution, and this is a direct profit.
3) Musicians will receive income for listening to their songs.

Moozicore users will be able to choose from 20 million audio tracks uploaded to the Moozicore platform with a licensed library. In addition, they can modify or adapt playlists for themselves, choose genres or use ready-made playlists. In fact, they can go further and even create their own playlist from scratch using certain tools, or even import their favorite songs from Spotify or Apple Music!

The model of voting for a song unites users and gives a social effect. Because the Moozicore service will be integrated into common displays located in the premises, and all collaborative processes, such as voting, will be available to all.
Thus, the visitors of the institutions, which have application Moozicore, will be able to chat and get to know each other, and together to vote and choose the background music in addition, the application Moozicore uses special beacons, which are designed to alert users using PuSH notifications when they are nearby the facility, supporting the service Moozicore.

Some of the details of IEO

IEO project Moozicore will be held very soon, namely on July 5, 2019. At the same time, the tokensale will be held simultaneously on 4 exchanges: CoinBene, Latoken, Sistemcoin and Exmarkets.
There will be 3 rounds of sales. In the first round, the price for the token is the cheapest — $0.0185. Therefore, it is better to buy in the first round, in the period from 5 to 11 July. Trading on all 4 exchanges will begin on August 1, 2019. Everyone who wants to get specifically in the first round, it is better to prepare an account on the stock exchange in advance, as it is possible the sale will end quite quickly.

Road map

The road map is designed from 2016 to 2020. At the moment, a lot of work has already been done: a pre-sale was carried out, which managed to collect almost 2000 ETH, the development of applications for Android and IOS was completed, the Monozcore website was launched, the bounty company was held, the social part and interaction with the community was established.


All the above suggests me to the conclusion that the project can become very popular. He may well follow in the footsteps of Booking or Tripadvisor. And this is a great temptation for possible investments. But there is one question that you should ask yourself before you go into this project as an investor. Do you really want to use the services of this company or not?


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