📷 West Sumbawa heaven gates, Indonesia


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Images in this post are created by me otherwise credits are given. I believe that info/data not belonging to anyone so feel free to use them or experiment. If you claim them as yours you are just another fool :)

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11.03.2019 17:21

Well done pictures!
Please, don't put dislikes to gallgol because it was syshka who dislaked you, not gallgol, you're mistaken!

12.03.2019 04:49

@sergeymironenko Thank you! Yes, my fault, I think I have reset the dislikes already :)

12.03.2019 10:34

@makis84 Thank you very much for understanding both from me and from gallgol - she's my colleague.
Wish you successes and good luck!

12.03.2019 11:24