📷 Night drone flight at Kalamata!

Started to experiment on night flights with my DJI Mavic air and I am super excited about it :)


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Images in this post are created by me otherwise credits are given. I believe that info/data not belonging to anyone so feel free to use them or experiment. If you claim them as yours you are just another fool :)

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16.05.2019 16:59

@makis84 Флотилия Мегагальян "Мануал"
We will be happy to promote on-site development

16.05.2019 17:00

Yes, let's go to to our community ;-)

16.05.2019 18:20

Very good. Did you notice the first comment? There really is something in it.

16.05.2019 20:43

@makis84, Поздравляю!
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17.05.2019 06:14

Beautiful, but little paint. Maybe a lake at dawn at dawn or at dusk would look better.

17.05.2019 10:17

@fainder Thank you! Yes more will come once available..

17.05.2019 17:24

Вот всё хорошо. Фото супер! Только перевода не хватает ;)

This is all good. Awesome photo! Only translation is not enough;)

17.05.2019 20:21

Good luck my friend! I wanted to buy myself a drone.

17.05.2019 20:30

ok then in lichku .. write. if the first time)
there are many interesting things .. the atmosphere is funny ..
share impressions and successes.

18.05.2019 00:20

а что, крутое фото.

19.05.2019 08:17


19.05.2019 15:26