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  Computer games today have become very popular and being played by almost everyone, regardless of age or social status. For some, it's just entertainment, but there are many companies for which it is a real business that brings a constant stable income. The market for computer games is growing and developing rapidly, but there are a number of problems that have not yet been solved. One of these problems is the fact that most games require real money investments from the user, but the content is offered in return of poor quality and without the possibility of monetization.   

In other words, the game developers want to invest in the creation of the next "masterpieces" as little as possible and receive super profits, while the user does not receive in return almost nothing. Moreover, the big developers today have actually become monopolists in the market, while there are many promising content creators for computer games that could make the virtual world even brighter and more interesting.   

All these and many other problems have been solved by the creators of a fundamentally new digital platform Yumerium, which will be a single space for fans of computer games, as well as for developers of relevant content. 

How does it work and what is Yumerium? 

 Yumerium is a new platform based on blockchain technologies, which has a number of advantages over any similar projects. After the platform is launched, the developers plan to implement a fundamentally new approach to computer games in General. The essence will be that now gamers will not only pay money for the content or play games for free, but will be able to earn on it quite live money that can be withdrawn to your card or e-wallet.   

At the platform, you can just play your favorite games, and also perform the following actions that will lead to profit:  

  • Create and sell your own content;
  • Write comments and reviews for games and get rewarded for it; 
  • Make progress and get real payouts for achievements;
  • Create new games and bring them to the community;
  • Participate in referral programs, etc.

 Thus, earning tokens that can be easily turned into real money will become simple and interesting, which will allow you to get new and new prospects. In addition, the technology of blockchain and smart contracts will allow to use a decentralized payment system, transparent and profitable for everyone who decides to become a participant of the project.   

In fact, it will look something like this: each game that will join the Yumerium system will receive a "seed fund" from the developers, which can be spent on the following goals:  

  • Rewards for content creation;
  • Exchange of tokens for internal money, which for each individual game will be their own;
  • Rewards for attracting new players;
  • Input and output of tokens, etc.

 It is worth noting that such a platform, which unites players from all over the world, will be a fundamentally new word in computer games in General and will have many prospects, as it is possible to include computer games in the program of the Olympic games as a sport very soon.  

The team of Yumerium project 

 The Yumerium project team is unique in its own way, as it is an international team, where you can see both already familiar people who participated in other successful projects of a large scale, and new people who have certain achievements in this area.   

Thus, thanks to the experience and aspirations of the creators, all the goals set for the new project can be achieved in the near future.   

Advantages of the Yumerium project 

 The new project has a lot of prospects and it has long been discussed by gamers from around the world as a fundamentally new discovery in the field of decentralized platforms, which has never been used in the interests of the gaming community.   Among the advantages of the project are the following:     

  • Availability of both; own games and those attracted from third-party developers and startups;
  • Active participation of all players in each event in order to earn tokens of the system, which is quite possible to turn into live money at any moment;
  • The system can and should be used as a reliable payment gateway, which will allow developers to receive funds for any products;
  • All startups will be able to use the platform funds for their own financial interests, etc.

 Based on the above, investors from all over the world are already paying close enough attention to the new project, as the market for computer games is constantly growing and developing, and those who have time to take a convenient niche, will be able to get good dividends from participation in the project.   

Today, the pre-sale of tokens of the system continues, the third stage of which is planned to be completed on July 11, 2018. The cost of one token today is only 0.1 US dollar, and therefore not only large investors will be able to take part in the project, but also everyone who wants to become part of this large-scale and fundamentally new platform. Don’t miss your chance to acquire YUM tokens today!  


Web Page: https://www.yumerium.com/  
WhitePaper:  https://www.yumerium.com/resources/files/whitepaper_en.pdf  
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/yumeriumtoken  
Telegram:  https://t.me/yumerium  
BTT Bounty:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4465888  
BTT ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3272290.0  
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1143460

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I haven’t heard much about this project to be honest, before i read your review. Looking promising so far!

02.07.2018 09:00

Great article @mak2017! Thanks for telling us about another great project today, keep it up!

02.07.2018 10:49

I will be investing in this project for sure, as i am a gamer myself and will definitely tell my friends about it.

02.07.2018 11:40

Gaming industry is growing very fast nowadays so i have no doubt that Yumerium will take their niche in this industry, great project!

03.07.2018 11:24

My son plays games all the time, and to be honest sometimes we play together. Would be nice to have an ability to earn while playing your favorite game. Thanks for review!

04.07.2018 18:46