WeMark - Decentralized platform of professional "stock" photographs

  Decentralization gradually penetrates into all areas related to the" world wide web": social networks, online games, browsers and various applications. For example Startup TON (Telegram) under the leadership of Pavel Durov is developing an ambitious project which aims to transfer the whole internet to the blockchain. Judging by the astronomical size of raised funds on Telegram token sale, the society has a request to replace the "traditional network", regulated by different States with devalued freedom and imposed by large, monopoly business rules.   A decentralized Internet will not work with familiar applications, sites and systems – it will be a whole new territory of free platforms, protected from: 

  • Fraud and identity theft 
  • Hacker attacks and surveillance spyware 
  • Changes in favor of the business  

Wemark is a platform for the future of the decentralized Internet, which today offers professional photographers a unique support for the placement and distribution of photographs.   

The benefits of the Wemark project  

Wemark developers have thought through and implemented the idea of replacing stock services using smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain capabilities to provide independent photographers with:  

  • Invariance of the author's share of the remuneration-85%, transferred automatically by specially developed DAAPs 
  • Unique licensing and evaluation of photographs directly by users and potential customers 
  • Hybrid anonymity - binding personal data to each photo encrypted with blockchain cryptography 
  • Archive transaction history, fees and assessments for specific users of the licensee 
  • Ability to independently set the cost of use and rules of access to the content  

Wemark ecosystem 

 The wemark professional photography platform can be used by novice photographers to get direct feedback from customers and advice from colleagues. Artists that have already taken place will receive a license associated with personal data, which each author is obliged to provide during verification. Investors will be able to buy the rights to work with the re-registration of the rights to distribute content.   

The link relationship between the users of the platform will be a token, released on Wemark token sale with the aim of further development of the service. It is the internal currency for mutual settlements under the management of smart contracts, which ensures the transfer of funds without external interference at pre-established rates.   

Why Wemark platform will defeat its opponents? 

The main competitors of the Wemark project are stock services Shutterstock and Getty taking 85% of the profits from the sale of photos, dictating their own prices for work and rules of content placement. The wemark business model offers in addition to the unique benefits of income distribution, following opportunities:  

  • The possibility of hiring the authors and payment of referral rewards to users-promoters who distribute that content. 
  • Payments to licensees for viewing and evaluation of works (regardless of the rating) 
  • Tools and applications for working with images  


Investing in Wemark tokens - is a purchase of tokens provided with the works of professional photo artists, for which there is a stable and constant demand. The startup has been developing since 2015 and comes to Token sale with a minimum finished product (MVP) and a collection of already placed works. Anyone can see the quality of the photo archive, see statistics of growing demand.    

The consumer value of the project is obvious from the analogy of demand for existing stock services, and the development of the platform will provide decentralization and attractiveness of mining for users-licensees.   


Web Page:  https://www.wemark.com/
WhitePaper:  https://www.wemark.com/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/_wemark  
Telegram:  https://t.me/wemark  
BTT ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524.0
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1143460

Comments 5

I think by giving owners of the photos 85% will definitely attract a lot of customers to WeMark.

17.06.2018 19:49

This could be the next database for stock photos, seriously overpassing their current opponents with time. Will be following Wemark for sure!

18.06.2018 14:59

The fact that project has been in development since 2015, doesn’t make him a startup and that attracts my attention as investor.

19.06.2018 05:28

Nice review! Never heard of this project, will take a look more closely

20.06.2018 14:04

Enjoyed reading your review, most likely i will consider buying some tokens on their sale, thanks!

26.06.2018 15:14