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The problem of selecting qualified personnel has long been in the first place for HR-s of large companies, especially for those engaged in the IT sector. Candidates are often unable to provide confirmation of their words, as it is necessary to collect a huge number of documents. And some irresponsible workers consciously change their resumes, adding false facts to their biography, or exclude from it moments that can harm the reputation.

Platform SpringRole able to solve the issue. Moreover, the main emphasis is made on the possibility of certification. Thus, it becomes possible to verify all the data, keeping the information in the blockchain. The user can not worry about the safety of information — even if the attackers gain access to the chain of blocks, it will be impossible to steal encrypted information from it.

User evaluation and certification

The system will introduce the ability to evaluate other users. A distinctive feature of this system is that not every user has the opportunity to evaluate others. You can only rate those users who are lower in skill level. This is a very logical introduction, because it is obvious that low-skilled professionals can not objectively evaluate already experienced users. At the same time, the following categories of users will have the opportunity to carry out certification:

  • Companies and organizations will be able to assess the quality of their employees work.
  • Educational institutions will confirm that each user has completed the course/training.
  • Local expert. This is a special category of users who have already passed the certification and proved their competence.
  • Ordinary users will be able to give confirmation of some actions of users. For example, a teacher can give a detailed grade to their student.

“Linkedin” on the blockchain

The platform opens up rich opportunities for freelancers. Each of them will be able to create their own portfolio and resume, based on the data of the personal page. No further action is required. At the same time, representatives of the companies will be able to evaluate the quality of work of each performer, read the reviews of previous customers and choose the most suitable candidate. This technology will create a quality ecosystem in which each user will be interested in their own development and improvement of the entire community. Creation of own internal SPRING token on the Ethereum blockchain will allow you to perform all financial transactions safely, with minimal fees and completely avoid intermediaries. Smart contracts guarantee timely payment for the work done. The ability to work directly with the contractor will significantly speed up the process of performing tasks, and the absence of intermediaries will significantly reduce the cost of services. At the same time, all participants will benefit.

The availability, simplicity, originality of ideas and transparency of all actions will significantly reduce the time spent by candidates when applying for a job. On average, the period of interviews and approvals in the IT sphere takes more than 20 days. The new system can significantly reduce this time - up to several hours. Saving time in this case is equal to saving money, because in most companies interview time is not paid.


SpringRole project will be interesting for both users and investors. After all, such platforms still do not exist, although the need for them is growing every year. Development of IT-technologies requires improvement of HR-technologies, and remote work requires full trust. This will ensure the stable development of the project, and at the same time the growth of the token price. Do not forget about the importance of the project for the performers: blockchain technology will open up many different opportunities for organizing work, and smart contracts will ensure honesty and reliability.


Web Page: https://springrole.com/

WhitePaper: https://docsend.com/view/k5nghff

Twitter: https://twitter.com/springroleinc

Telegram: https://t.me/springrole

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21.07.2018 14:20

Наблюдая за проектом уже более 6 месяцев, разработчики молодцы, уже готов бета вариант платформы, активно поддерживают дискуссию в чатах и развивают ютуб канал, где кстати очень много интересных видео.

22.07.2018 08:15

Great project ratings & very talented team make me look closer on this project. Will also tell my friends about it.

22.07.2018 15:13

The fact that this project eliminates all the cheaters from platform and making space only for verified employees will surely attract much attention to SpringRole.

26.07.2018 17:24

@mak2017 Very ambitious project, with great potential to secure their niche in HR industry. Thanks for the review!

02.08.2018 16:08