Smart Containers - a new look at logistics

  If you order things in online stores then you probably may notice how the good are being delivered to you, when you track an order. And let’s be honest, the way the goods move today is not that optimal at all. Logistical calculations are being hampered by tons of paperwork and logistics problems on the ground. And if with logistics on the ground already cope with the organization of storage and use of technologies such as barcodes and QR codes, RFID tags and even with the help of robots, the problems of the bureaucracy have not gone away.  

If for plastic cases from Aliexpress you don’t have to do that much of a paperwork, but for complex devices or, for example, expensive drugs, the number of documents can reach several hundred, which is really a huge number after all.  Papers are often being sent separately from the goods, which creates delays and forces to "centralize" all movements. And what is the best vaccine against centralization problems? That's right - blockchain technology. 


  The team from Smart Containers is far from being called a “beginner” in the transportation market. Nine years ago they entered the market with the latest "smart" containers for transportation of expensive medicines, which are necessary to store at a certain temperature, and if the temperature deviates by several degrees, the medicine can be thrown out. Such medicines can not be manufactured on site, so the temperature should be maintained during delivery. The SkyCell project provided consumers with containers equipped with sensors and not only to maintain the desired temperature and humidity, but also to report their status and location, thanks to sensors, GPS and radio module.   

For 9 years in the market of goods transportation, where delivery time is one of the most important factors, the company has observed problems with registration and verification of documents, as well as with payment delays. Having tried to automate braking processes with the help of centralized services, the developers realized that the usage of blockchain technologies will be the key to solve their problems. It also became clear that it will be impossible to "change the world" alone, so all participants of cargo transportation - from the client to the customs should work in the new system. Having the experience of accepting crypto-currency for their services, it was decided to create the LOGI CHAIN blockchain platform and perform token sale.  

  The platform will bring participants together into one decentralized network. Each container is registered in the blockchain, and all the documents necessary for transportation in electronic form with a digital signature are immediately attached to it. Public documents are placed in a public locker, confidential - in private with encryption. Smart contracts will automate routine operations and accelerate financial flows.   

Uncommonly already formed companies, especially from Switzerland, conduct ICO. The team has every chance to create a competitive product, which, if not overturn the market of freight, then at least significantly push it forward. For details about the project (and whitepaper in different languages), welcome to the official site -   


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I will consider buying tokens from Smart Containers when ico starts, thanks for the review!

01.06.2018 17:33

SmartContainers attracted my attention, since this project is already an established business with team of professionals, who have been in logistics industry for over 9 years!

01.06.2018 19:16

Will be looking forward to coming updates from SmartContainers, as they have much planned for 2018 and 2019, great project !

03.06.2018 11:29

This start-up looking very promising, and I really don’t see any project on the market who is doing the same thing, so my thoughts SmartContainers will be a great success!

08.06.2018 20:40

Any dates when token sale start? I want to invest, but I can’t afford pre sale minimum amount of investment.

04.06.2018 11:04