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  Anyone who tries to make their own scientific discoveries, for sure, will face a number of problems. First of all, it should be noted that any scientific discoveries should be reviewed by reputable authors and publications, which always involves the human factor. It is not necessary to consider that scientists are entirely intelligent people who are alien to such feelings as professional envy, anger, personal hostility to each other, etc. It is for this reason that many scientific works have not been recognized by the world scientific community, but, on the contrary, it was declared incompetent or completely devoid of meaning. Just because one scientist, for example, crossed the road to another.     

Even more acute is the problem of plagiarism, when almost no author of scientific works can not be insured from not being "intellectually robbed" by the laboratory assistant at the Department of the scientific Institute, scientific supervisor or other interested persons. And even if you manage to create your own scientific work, it is not a fact that you have the courage to publish the work in a scientific journal, as it is also quite a difficult matter.    

Fortunately, the problem has found its solution, which appeared for the public in the form of a fundamentally new platform for scientists and not only – Orvium.  

The developers of this project are:  

  • Experts; 
  • Creators of the technologies and software; 
  • Marketers; 
  • Investors and managers; 
  • Scientific consultants; 
  • Business consultants, etc.  

 Among the developers there are many new faces, but there are already well-known personalities who have already participated in various successful projects. Among the founders of the project are the following well-known personalities:     

Extensive experience in creating software for open-source platforms not only make the project large-scale, but also very promising.  

The practical usage of the Orvium platform 

 The main application goal of the Orvium platform is to create a single decentralized space where everyone can not only publish the results of scientific research in any field, but also sell scientific works, act as a reviewer and earn for a living on the basis of a smart contract.   As Orvium, in essence, is a framework for supporting international studies and business in this sphere, participation in the project can be interesting for:  

  • Scientists; 
  • Reviewers; 
  • Scientific community; 
  • Scientific journals; 
  • Businessmen’s; 
  • Investors and others who will find advantages in using the platform.  

 All existing "analogues" are much inferior to the new project, and do not go with it in any comparison, as the developers managed to create a fundamentally new system that took into account all the shortcomings of scientific activity, both in the real and virtual world.  

Features of the Orvium Token Sale 

 The sale of tokens of the Orvium project is scheduled for June-July 2018, that is - it is happening literally here and now. Everyone who has time to take part in the pre-sale of orvium tokens will receive a bonus from the founders of the project in the amount of 10%. During the public sale, the value of one token is assumed to be $ 0.1.   

However, it is also planned to distribute tokens fairly both in relation to the participants and in relation to the team:     

In the course of further improvement of the platform, it is planned to constantly create new opportunities not only for scientific research, but also for building a successful business model, which makes the platform interesting for people who are not directly related to the world of science and scientific publications.  

Security features of the Orvium platform 

 Besides the fact that Orvium is a decentralized platform, where all data is managed by the Creator of the scientific work, not by third parties, blockchain technology guarantees each participant of the system full security of any data and copyright.   

However, this is not a complete list of security measures that you can use to protect your intellectual or other property on the Orvium platform. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the method of content licensing, which would be the most effective. As a result of this selection, all data will be divided into two categories:   

  1. Works and data in the public domain. Such data can be seen by each of the platform participants interested in information or calculations.  
  2. Works licensed by the author in such a way that everyone who wants to see or download a particular work or data, will have to pay a certain amount in the internal currency (ORV) of the platform to the account in the system.   

It is noteworthy that all the funds raised in the second scenario, will certainly go to the author of the scientific work, minus a very small Commission, which will take the system for its "mediation services".    

 One way or another, everyone who is interested in scientific publications in the present or future, is simply obliged to pay close attention to the Orvium platform, as it is quite promising and promises to occupy a very worthy niche in the relevant market segment.  


Web Page:  https://orvium.io/  
WhitePaper:  https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj  
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/orvium  
Telegram:  https://t.me/orvium
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Looks like an interesting project, thanks for your review!

17.06.2018 17:04

With project like Orvium entering the market I have no more worries for the future of science developments, it will be great!

17.06.2018 17:16

Where can I find information about upcoming meetups or events which Orvium plans to attend?

17.06.2018 19:13

This review has caught my attention for the fact that science could not be ignored. Hope team behind the project has enough knowledge to make this project a true success.

17.06.2018 19:16

Actually Orvium is the only project on the market who offers such science oriented platform, it certainly caught my attention.

20.06.2018 14:02