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Tell me honestly, how often do ads that pop up every time you enter internet help you make a really good purchase? Perhaps, once this happened to each of us, but for the most part, we are trying to block all the "junk" spam and advertising with all the truths and crooks. By sending all the marketing stuff to the dustbin of history, we sincerely hope that all these intrusive marketing stuff will forever leave us alone.

And what would you say if advertising in your browser really prompted you time after time necessary and really relevant solutions. Personally, I would be glad of such topical proposals that would find me at the right time in the right place. The developers of MobileBridge Momentum project offer a new look at Internet marketing.

MobileBridge Momentum is a new platform that is created on the basis of progressive blockchain technology and is designed to make the life of the consumer easier and more interesting. How it works? The main idea of

the project is that every potential client, paying attention to one or another advertising company, can be rewarded at its true worth. Already no one is interested in banal marketing programs, during which, you have to buy the whole year the products of a certain brand, and at the end of the year you will get the opportunity to buy a toothbrush at a discount. But if you get a real "cash reward" for viewing advertising and brand recommendations, then this prospect, to me personally, seems much more interesting.

At the same time, if you make simple calculations, you can easily understand what kind of amount the advertiser is willing to "pay" for each of his customers. Sometimes it turns out to be much more effective than wasting money on the contextual advertising that most users send to the SPAM folder without a preview.

MobileBridge Momentum offers users:

  • Interaction through mobile applications, which we use today much more often than stationary personal computers;
  • Creation of "targeted" advertising, interesting to a specific user;
  •  Loyalty program, with no time limits for accumulation, but with the ability to use tokens anywhere, whenever and at your discretion.

Could you imagine the situation, when you have been shopping all year in one store, and the accumulated bonuses spent in another? It seems fantastic to us, but we should not hide that this prospect looks attractive. MobileBridge Momentum offers all participants of the platform an advantageous interaction, and customers - new opportunities and prospects.

Privacy question: To be or not to be

In order to get only the "right" advertising for you, of course, you will have to provide the platform with some of your personal data, so that the project can pick up relevant proposals for you. Today many people are concerned about the security of data, as there are a lot of fraudulent schemes, and some users, who are not too picky in their Internet life are losing their money and data on a daily basis.

Blockchain technology allows you to securely store customer data, and the client - can control access to any private information. From this point of view, MobileBridge Momentum has a number of undeniable advantages over other similar services:

  • The platform recognizes the user as the sole owner of any personal data;
  • Each user has the right to control the collection and usage of any personal data himself;
  •  The user can at any time cancel access to certain data, but sellers can not change data or use them for mercenary purposes.

This advantages will give confidence to the users in their security and willingness to even more willingly cooperate with a particular project.

In addition, MobileBridge Momentum offers its customers loyalty programs that are incredibly personalized and profitable. Each client can receive his reward in several ways:

  • By making orders;
  • By spreading information about the brand;
  •  By paying attention to advertising companies;
  •  By promoting a particular brand in a convenient way, including through social networks.

Where and how does it work?

At the moment there are special extensions that will help to competently transform the loyalty system, if it already exists with the brand in order to make the work on the MobileBridge Momentum platform even more convenient.

If we talk about the scope of the new platform, here the key positions which will certainly be taken:

  • restaurants and other catering establishments already having their own mobile applications and a custom audience;
  •  sellers of various popular household services;
  •  retailers;
  •  banks, etc.

All for whom work with mobile applications is already established practice, will be able to easily switch to a new level of professional marketing by joining the team MobileBridge Momentum.

To be honest, it's hard for me to imagine anyone who is not interested in such a breakthrough in marketing and contextual advertising. And what do you think about this?

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Comments 4

Nowadays marketing is truly outdated, and not reaching potential customers like it should do, therefore i see in MobileBridge great potential.

26.05.2018 16:09

Fully agree with you about tons of junk emails coming to my mailbox daily, hope Momentum will solve this marketing mess.

28.05.2018 12:19

I’ve invested in this project 5000$ at token sale, now i think i should buy even more, great future ahead of this project

29.05.2018 16:32

Great review! Will consider this project for portfolio diversification.

29.05.2018 19:58