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The work of the modern industry to create and sell content is too burdened with unnecessary actions. This is due to the large number of sites where customers find performers. However, such a system has many shortcomings, the main of which is the high commissions. The platforms charge too high commissions for their work, while providing virtually no conditions. At the same time, the search for customers or contractors takes a lot of time, which makes the whole process inefficient.

The solution was found in the use of blockchain technologies. The MediaProtocol project is not just a decentralized application, it is a set of tools for developers. It contains detailed information and ready-made templates for creating decentralized applications for the implementation of author's content.

It is noteworthy that all the source code developers have posted on GitHub, any user can easily access it and use it to create their own platform.

Token features

For the full operation of the platform, an internal media token was created, which will be used in all applications built on the basis of MediaProtocol. It will allow you to share quickly and conveniently between different platforms. This will make the search for performers quick and convenient, and smart contracts will provide maximum security, and most importantly-guaranteed timely payment for the work done. Token will be used to pay for the work of performers, as well as to encourage users and be issued as a reward for inviting new members.

It already works!

To demonstrate their platform, the developers have created A CryptoCantip application that is already available for Android and iOS. The application is designed to publish and view the news of the crypto industry. Users are rewarded for watching the news, and rating those news based on their own choice. However, until the end of the ICO, users will not be able to use the received coins.

It is interesting that the developers have added a content recommendation function to the toolset, which will analyze the titles and text, and on the basis of this give the user only the material that is interesting to him. For this purpose, artificial intelligence will be used, which will independently learn and study the interests of the user to select content specifically for him.

MediaProtocol Team

The development team already has extensive experience in application development, many of its members worked in company engaged in the creation of artificial intelligence technologies. They also had time to put their hand to the creation of several applications to provide communication and assistance in marketing. In addition, some team members worked in the project Bancor — startup, which took 2nd place in the ranking of successful ICO.

The attractiveness of the project is primarily based on the fact that the creators put the user in the center. They recognize that it is the end user who is the core element of the global network. This understanding allows them to create a platform that will become a convenient mechanism for creating decentralized applications in which the main place is left for consumers.


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@mak2017 I have followed this project for some months now, must say the team and CEO are very active in promoting their project and making good partnerships as well, could be a good sign for big investors as well.

13.08.2018 10:12

@mak2017 Interesting article! I will surely take a closer look at this project, thank you for sharing that.

13.08.2018 16:48

@mak2017 With a combination of strong marketing MediaProtocol can easily become a very popular project, not only for users but also for developers who can build their own dApps here.

15.08.2018 10:39