Global REIT - Real estate investments available to everyone

 Investment in real estate is one of the most promising ways to increase capital. This industry is constantly developing and is able to bring an impressive and constant income to investors. However, classical models of real estate investments create a lot of barriers to economic and legal barriers for ordinary investors. Global REIT platform will focus precisely at removing these barriers and improving the real estate industry.   

Global REIT Features and Benefits 

If you look at the scheme of the Global REIT, it is absolutely identical to the classic REIT, where the purchase of real estate is carried out by attracting investments of users, and the profit is distributed in accordance with the amount of the contribution. Only in this case, all funds pass through the global REIT blockchain platform, and investment flows are regulated by smart contracts.   

The main advantages of this scheme include: 

  • Automation of processes using smart contracts increases the reliability of transactions and makes them safer. 
  • Blockchain allows you to store data about all transactions and view their history. In addition, it eliminates any restrictions for depositors, allowing anyone to invest their money in real estate. 
  • The use of internal tokens makes it possible to reduce transaction costs due to the absence of centralized intermediary bodies.  
  • On the basis of the platform there is a special security module that guarantees reliable protection of investors ' funds.  

 Thus, Global REIT opens the way with the world of real estate investments for everyone, making it more affordable and reliable.  

Benefits of the platform for users 

 Global REIT will allow you to invest in real estate all around the world. No matter what country you live in – the platform works beyond geographical limitations. It also opens the way for micro-investment. If we take classic market where investors should invest at least millions of dollars to gain profit, with GlobalREIT even 100$ will be able to bring you income.   

In addition, thanks to the Global REIT investment platform, you will be able to make a constant profit by simply holding tokens on your account. Holders of GREM will receive 1.25% per annum, and GRET – 8% per annum.  

Global REIT Tokens & Token Sale 

 Two types of tokens built on the basis of Ethereum and corresponding to the ERC-20 standard will operate within the platform.  

  • GREM. These are investment tokens only, the money received from their sale will be used to cover the costs of the developers themselves, marketing, audit, etc. 
  • GRET. These tokens will be used to buy the first investment asset in the form of real estate in the United Arab Emirates. To achieve this goal will be allocated 58 350 000 coins. The minimum investment in this case will be 5000 GRET. Only with this amount of deposit investors will have access to the platform.  

 The token sale will last until June 30, 2018.  

Global REIT Team 

 The founder of the Global REIT project is Ali Tumby, who owns the company Alcon Constructions and is engaged in the construction of buildings in UAE. This company has been operating in the Eastern market for more than 10 years.    

In addition, the status of the platform is strengthen by the participation of Paul Christodoulou, who has more than 10 years of experience in the real estate market in Dubai. In total, the main part of the team includes only 6 people. Make sure to study Global REIT more closely using the available links below.   


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Comments 5

I already invested in Global Reit and told my friends about it, hope that this project will succeed.

25.06.2018 08:20

I worked in real estate business for several years, and i must tell you that Global Reit will have a great demand in just one or two years, so better not to pass by such a project and participate in tokensale for sure!

25.06.2018 19:58

I studied the team, and all of them are experts in the area they work in. Having such an experienced team is surely a strong sign that this project will succeed.

26.06.2018 09:33

Enjoyed reading this review! Looks like another promising project is coming to the market, will be monitoring.

29.06.2018 15:06

The fact that tokens will be paying out dividends also attracted my attention, thanks for the review!

02.07.2018 19:12