Global REIT - A new player in the Real Estate market

 The Global REIT project is the first blockchain-based real estate investment Fund. REIT is a type of company that consolidates investments for the purchase or construction of real estate. The resulting property is leased and the profit is divided into all participants of the transaction.   

Developers offer users a platform that allows them to participate in the REIT, using blockchain technology. Thanks to smart contracts, all participants of the transaction will receive their profits on a monthly basis. The creators claim that the basic principles of Global REIT will not differ from the principles of the classical REIT — system.   

Such a system is convenient for small investors who are not ready to invest big money in projects. For large investors, this platform is of particular interest due to the blockchain technology, which provides confidentiality and guarantee of payments. The smart contract system allows to distribute the profit between all investors fairly.   

Now the project is going through the ICO stage, which will end at the end of June 2018. However, the developers already have the first completed project - with the first money they have bought a hotel in the UAE.  

 Project participants are offered with two tokens to choose from: GRET and GREM. The first gives the possibility of obtaining a stable 8% profit from its dividends, the second will allow to profit from the value of assets in the amount of 2%, later this amount will decrease up to 1.25% in accordance with the growth of the real estate Fund. The price of tokens on the presale is 0.70 USD, on the ICO - 1 USD.  

The Global REIT team consists of experienced IT workers, real estate players and entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that these specialists will be able to ensure stable growth of the company.   

Now it has become clear that business projects based on blockchain work and generate income, sometimes stable, sometimes incredible. The classical scheme of the investment Fund worked without blockchain, and with the use of new technologies, even small investors will have the opportunity to participate in business and earn income. Therefore Global REIT will be interesting and attractive opportunity for any type of investors.   



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Project team has made a strong impression on me, i really think team can make this project a success in near future!

21.06.2018 15:50

This project is new to me, but i enjoyed your review, so i will study GlobalReit a bit more myself.

21.06.2018 17:13

Would consider adding this project in my portfolio for long term, thanks for your review!

23.06.2018 20:42

Where can i find some press releases about Global REIT project? Thanks

25.06.2018 13:15

I tried to find something familiar on the market of ico’s, but i haven’t, looks like GlobalREIT is the only Reit on blockchain at the moment.

26.06.2018 15:23

Would consider adding this project in my portfolio for long term, thanks for your review!

28.06.2018 11:36