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  Diamonds are precious stones, which are always in price. Since time immemorial, people have invested in these stones, and this is considered one of the best investments, since diamonds have always been in value for many centuries in a row. Unfortunately, not everyone can buy high quality stones. At least that was the case before the team of professionals did not create a unique decentralized platform for buying or selling precious stones.   

Today, Glitzkoin has become a kind of "bridge" between the real sales of diamonds and modern technologies that allow you to make similar purchases in a convenient way for you online. This is very convenient for many reasons, but the fundamental ones are as follows:  

  • Availability of a diamond purchase and sale service;
  • Decentralization, allowing you not to worry about the security of your data;
  • Anonymity, every participant will receive money instantly;
  • Impossibility to intervene in the process of third parties' trade;
  • Independent valuation of diamonds, etc.

 However, do not assume that Glitzkoin is just a platform for buying and selling. Within the framework of the project, new research is being carried out in the field of informational technologies. The site will certainly place links to applications that greatly facilitate the work on the platform and allow you to view the quality of the stones, determine their current prices and make many more actions that facilitate the work on the platform.   

Glitzkoin was created by the developers to make all operations with diamonds as democratic, affordable and safe as possible. Everyone can sell and buy diamonds on the platform, regardless of the level of its capital and market knowledge. The new platform, which is based on blockchain technology, has collected the entire experience of the diamond industry and is integrated with the current needs of buyers and sellers.    

What are the advantages for the participants and who could be interested in Glitzkoin?
 GlitzKoin is the latest modern platform that can be interesting to almost anyone:  

  • Traders;
  • Owners of the diamond mining industry;
  • Jewelers;
  • Famous jewelry houses;
  • Valuers of precious stones;
  • Wholesale and retail customers;
  • Sellers of stones;
  • Software developers, etc.

 On the Glitzkoin platform, everyone who wants will be able to find the necessary information and can absolutely legitimately, on full grounds and without unnecessary bureaucratic delays, become the owner of the world's most stable asset - the diamond. Also on the platform you will find services that assess the dynamics of the growth of the value of precious stones, and hence - you will be able to receive real profits from the diamond trade.   

Buying and selling with Glitzkoin is simple enough. A very simple user interface allows you to navigate the platform easily and without any extra knowledge. All operations are carried out almost instantly, without superfluous acknowledgment and on the basis of personal confidential relations of the seller and the buyer. Doubtful personalities or scammers will not be able to intervene in certain transactions and prevent you from performing a transaction. It is worth noting that this is another advantage of the decentralized Glitzkoin platform - the preservation of personal data, the guarantee of their storage and not transferring to third parties.    

With the advent of a new decentralized platform, based on innovative blockchain technology, the opportunities for the diamond industry have grown significantly, as has the value of assets.  

Advantages of Glitzkoin platform 

 Glitzkoin is the newest platform, which, according to many analysts, has a great future. Among the main advantages of the platform are:  

  • Increasing the cost and recognition of some stones;
  • Global control;
  • Transparency of all transactions;
  • Authentication.
  • Absence of bureaucratic red tape, etc.

 This list is far from complete and you will not understand at what exact moment the platform will show itself as the most effective and convenient for each participant. Therefore it’s good to be a participant from the very beginning, to be able to see for yourself how platform changing and growing.  


GlitzKoin tokens can already be purchased as an asset. Some traders use the situation and make deals that pose a certain threat. Thanks to the latest technology, the blockchain based platform allows you to make the safest diamond purchase and sale transactions. The professional team managed to create an efficient, constantly evolving platform that protects all transactions from the participation of third parties. As well as personal data that can not be used in fraudulent schemes and fraud.   

 Token sale has already started and all the gathered funds will be divided among all the participants as follows: 

 Everyone still have a chance to become a participant of the best platform for the diamond trade - GlitzKoin. In the future, according to analysts' forecasts, Glitzkoin promises to become a very worthy competitor in the market and replace the standard procedure for the circulation of precious stones for many users. It's not too late to join this project, that promises to be very successful.  


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Благодарю )) стараюсь быть лучше, подписался на вас.

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So far this project looks really outstanding among other start-ups, i will study GlitzKoin a bit more and might be also investing, thanks for the review!

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Good project, have heard something about them, after reading your review looking at them even more closely, could be my next investment. Thanks!

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Where can i find a calendar of GlitzKoin upcoming events and meetups ?

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I did my research and haven’t found any project on the market who is doing the same thing as Glitz Koin, i think they will succeed due to their uniqueness and technological improvements.

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Well said about the diamonds, fully agree that they will always have value. GlitzKoin is aiming for a huge market worth billions of $, will be following them.

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