Essentia - Restores user control over personal data

  Using free platforms, such as Google, Facebook or Youtube, users leave personal data that are collected by companies and transferred to third parties. Personal data of users are very much appreciated in the information market. Companies are willing to pay millions for information that will allow them to better understand consumer behavior, assess demand and increase sales.   

Users themselves do not receive any profit from the sale of personal data that they own. It turns out that this information is not even their property, as companies are given the right to dispose of personal data at their discretion. Another problem is that the data, applications and devices on the Internet, although they address each other, they are still fragmented, which greatly complicates their interaction.     

Essentia is designed to give users maximum control over their personal data, devices and assets. Essentia is a unified structure that integrates digital data and applications into a holistic ecosystem where all elements, both centralized and decentralized, are interrelated.   

Essentia's main goal is that users and companies can manage the confidentiality of their data, decide who and what information they can transmit and track the movement of shared data. Exactly for this purpose the platform used decentralized solutions based on blockchain technology, and also created a single ecosystem that provides complete data transparency and efficient interaction of elements with different architectures. 

With the Essentia platform, users can customize access to their data and decide who can access them. In essence, the Essentia project offers a new generation decentralized operating system that improves the integration and interaction of objects in the Web 3.0 framework. The platform provides a convenient framework that allows you to manage all elements, such as network nodes, IoT devices and any other objects from one place. 

As a result, the framework is able to effectively interact with both centralized and decentralized resources and applications.     

The Essentia architecture is based on Essences, which act as a container for secure storage of encrypted data. They can be used by individual users, companies and organizations, creating decentralized network accounts.   

To organize the work of Essences, the developers created an operating system and special devices. There are many elements in Essentia. Here the main ones will be listed. The rest can be found in the Essentia White Paper.    

The first element of the OS is ESS-HOME, which connects independent modules and users, and also ensures their interaction. The second element is ESS-OS, an operating system that is adapted to interact with other projects on the blockchain.   

Essentia releases its own computers for interaction with decentralized systems called ESS-EGGS. They are based on an open architecture. These computers allow you to manage, for example, computer networks, IoT devices and robotic systems.   

ESS-KEYWARE are physical keys that resemble portable flash drives. They provide quick access to Essentia functionality on any device.  

Advantages of Essentia 

  • The project stands out for its unique features:  
  • Flexible and configurable decentralized framework for people and devices.
  • Ability to control the confidentiality of information and monitor the movement of joint data.
  • Flexible and extensible ecosystem, ensuring effective interaction of independent modules and data.
  • High level of anonymity due to advanced encryption methods.
  • Ability to integrate into any systems and resources.
  • The system is free to distribute and is available to all developers.
  • Multi-Chain architecture, which allows you to combine individual blockchain protocols.

Token Economy and ICO details 

ESS tokens, issued in accordance with the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum blockchain, are used in the anti-spam policy, preventing the abuse of resources and services of the platform. Essentia supports a masternode system that distributes 15% of operating profit to the holders of the tokens, based on their share of the total pool.   ESS tokens provide users with access to exclusive platform resources, as well as the right to vote when choosing solutions related to the project, for example listing on exchanges, supporting specific applications and functions, etc.  


The project will provide an opportunity to effectively manage data, software modules and network devices in a convenient framework, which will be useful for individuals and companies.    

The Essentia solution can be used by companies and private developers to ensure efficient management of resources and applications. The largest blockchain projects, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gnosis, Aragon and Status, have already integrated the Essentia framework. Some services, for example Airbnb, can integrate the Essentia platform or its modules so that users can directly access the services without any intermediaries, without disclosing their data to third parties. Developers can create productive and scalable applications on top of the Essentia framework.   

The project itself looks ambitious and has great potential to become known worldwide in the future. The creators have not only developed their own unique software, but also released their own devices that provide simple interaction of resources and applications on the Internet.   


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Just studied white paper and the team from Essentia, must say very impressive project.
The idea is plain and simple, hope they will succeed.

03.06.2018 15:32

Where can i see Essentia upcoming events or meetups? Thanks

03.06.2018 19:29

You can follow Essentia official blog for actual information >

04.06.2018 05:41

Security of our personal data is a big problem nowadays indeed. With the help of project like Essentia i hope this situation will change for the best.

04.06.2018 15:48

Great review! I will definitely consider this project as my next investment, looking very promising.

06.06.2018 13:52

As far as i know only Essentia offers a truly secure data storing and sharing, this project is really looking outstanding among many others who claim to do the same thing.

08.06.2018 20:42