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  It is no secret that transport is an integral part of any economic relations and without transport the economy as a whole is practically impossible. Many companies today provide transportation services for the transportation of people, goods, resources, raw materials and other things. The problem is that today many transport networks operate independently of each other and this creates certain difficulties.   

The main disadvantage is the lack of decentralization in the transport system. Due to the fact that each transport company operates in an Autonomous mode, it can be noted that today there are practically no changes in terms of the development of engineering. This and many other problems were solved by a team of real professionals, which created an innovative project DAV Network.     

  DAV Network is almost the first decentralized platform where everyone can find a full range of transport services. The platform uses the most advanced open source blockchain technologies, the main task of which is to provide quality and logistics between different companies, individuals, organizations and enterprises. During the implementation of this project, users who own unmanned vehicles will be able to lease them on the most favorable terms.    

In comparison with other similar projects, DAV Network will have a number of undeniable advantages, including the following:   

  • Ability to earn project tokens if you have an auto or drone; 
  • Search for the optimal cost of delivery of a cargo to any point; 
  • Ability to make open and transparent transactions without intermediaries; 
  • Provision of quality logistics services, etc.  

 DAV Network is a fundamentally new platform that promises to become quite popular in the future, according to analysts.  

Who would be interested in DAV Network? 

 The new platform DAV Network will bring together many people interested in both renting a car and getting transport services in different directions. Thus, among the interested people can be seen:  

  • Buyers who are worried about the quality of delivery of certain goods; 
  • Transport service providers in various fields of activity; 
  • Specialists in the field of service and other persons, one way or another, related to logistics.  

 The advantages of the new decentralized platform are that each registered user will be able to access up-to-date information about transport services at the best price, as well as to rent any necessary mode of transport for the transportation of goods, both large and very small. There are no restrictions on the price and terms of delivery on the platform, and everyone will be able to choose the most favorable offer. You will not have to spend time searching for information, comparing offers from transport companies and communicating with service providers. All the necessary information will be collected in one place, and the cost of services will be fixed and as transparent as possible.   

What technologies will be used in DAV Network? 

 Today, many large companies are engaged in the development of ideas about the delivery of goods by multicopters. This method of delivery has quite great prospects, but also a number of problems that require immediate solutions. Among these problems, the most relevant is the lack of the ability to deliver goods to multicopters over long distances. This is primarily due to the fact that the charge of the multicopter can’t provide long-distance delivery. This creates some difficulties in the development of new delivery methods that would be beneficial to all parties.   

The solution to this problem offers DAV Network to all users on the new platform, which will gather in one place people interested in the sale of related services, namely:  

  • Charging drones; 
  • Battery changes; 
  • Parking etc.  

 This will ultimately allow for the creation of a fundamentally new logistics system that will not only be beneficial to all stakeholders, in terms of the opportunity to earn money, but also from an environmental, practical and economic point of view. Everyone will be able to buy a charger, put it at home and take drones "on charge" for a fee.   By registering on the new platform, everyone will find profitable offers from large stores and suppliers and will be able to earn project tokens on the most favorable terms and without any investments. The buyer of services, in turn, will be able to see the entire network and develop the optimal route that would meet the best capabilities and needs of the multicopter.   

Blockchain technology allows to create decentralized systems, which are increasingly becoming the optimal solution in many areas, and the DAV Network platform promises to become a new word in logistics. Among the buyers on the platform can be expected such "mastodons" as Domino's Pizza, Amazon, Baidu, working with innovative technologies, and planning to develop further in this direction.     

It is still possible to take part in DAV Network token sale, which according to analysts, promises to be very successful. If you have not yet found a way to earn money on innovative technologies without much effort, i recommend you to pay attention to the new decentralized transportation platform - DAV Network.  


Web Page:   https://dav.network/  
WhitePaper:   https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf  
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/DavNetwork  
Telegram:   https://t.me/DAVNetwork
BTT ANN:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2614017.0  
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1143460

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One of the best projects for 2018 for me, i already invested, hoping for success of the platform.

22.06.2018 07:06

Very promising project indeed, i will be monitoring DAV Network for sure, thanks for the review!

22.06.2018 12:20

Incredible project with great perspective for the future, just look at the team behind the project and this already shows a lot about DAV Network.

25.06.2018 19:14

Great article @mak2017! Thanks for keeping up with such informative content, was quite interesting to read that.

26.06.2018 04:18

Great article @mak2017! Thanks for keeping up with such informative content, was quite interesting to read that.

26.06.2018 04:19

I just visited DAV website, they have already raised over 40k of Ethereum, this is huge considering crypto market condition today.

26.06.2018 15:20