DataBroker DAO: The Global Market For Local Data

 IoT data - is the data collected from various sensors that allow you to synchronize several "smart devices" simultaneously, which are used both in everyday life and in production. Those who have already acquired such sensors, with all the responsibility and understanding of the seriousness of the moment, are now looking for new ways to monetize the data. After all, if you have already bought something "unnecessary", then you want to sell it without fail.  

Fortunately, anyone who will become one of the first participants of the new global DataBroker DAO market will be able to sell data from their devices today, where everyone can buy or sell the necessary data.

How can this be useful in real life?

Imagine a situation in which you are the owner of a global service project, for example, elevators. How will the level of your work change if on the basis of certain data you can not only receive a signal in advance about existing potential problems, but also not produce preventive maintenance of all objects, but only those that need more repairs than others.  

Practice shows that this approach allows you to significantly reduce the number of calls for technical support of the company, and also allows in other ways to minimize costs, which means - increase in the profitability of the "enterprise". Exactly this opportunities offers DataBroker DAO platform.

The system, among other things, will block out-of-date or knowingly false data and each buyer will be able to complain about the seller and vice versa, which will ensure transparency of cooperation and will deprive the unfair system participants of opportunities to conduct certain frauds. Moreover, blockchain technologies will allow maximum security of any data, which will be an additional and undeniable advantage for all participants of the system.  

The scope of data acquired on the DataBroker DAO is very broad, and affects many areas of human life from space technology to car repair. And the number of those who want to join the new platform is growing daily.  

 What benefits will users receive?  

 If we talk about the advantages that users who have become participants in the platform will receive, then the following can be noted:  

  • The ability to exchange data on favorable terms; 
  • The ability to monetize data from various sensors; 
  • Partially return the funds invested in "smart technologies"; 
  • Receive passive income, which can become quite significant.  

 In addition, each member of the system can be sure that all personal data will be securely protected, which became possible with technologies such as blockchain.     

Also, the developers of the corresponding software, the owners of special portals for data exchange and many other interested persons will be able to gain undeniable advantages from cooperation with the system.   

  If you still do not fully understand how this will work, then you can test the full beta version of the new platform today to evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. This is very important, as token sale is currently in the most active stage and before you invest, you can "taste" the DataBroker DAO and see if this is exactly what you need. Below you will find material which will help you navigate through DataBroker DAO project.  

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Glad that i came around your post. Project is looking very promising and solving great number of issues, i think this is a «must have token» for a long run

26.05.2018 20:14

Do you know where i can check upcoming events from DatabrokerDao ?

27.05.2018 07:32

Yes, make sure to check their Medium blog for more content

27.05.2018 09:37

My friend advised me that project some time ago, now i see your article.. and it’s time to invest for me :)

28.05.2018 09:02

Great review, i will keep an eye on this project, as it looks very promising.

28.05.2018 16:42

I think that this project could be used in our everyday life with much success, hope to test fully working platform from Databroker soon.

30.05.2018 22:30