DataBroker DAO: Platform for IoT data monetization

Today, with the help of the most common smartphone, we can manage many physical devices simultaneously. These devices include a music player, a digital camera or even a smart home application. In addition, many smartphones require to install special sensors that register the flow of information in real time. If there is information, then - it can be successfully sold to someone. Among the interested persons there can be both - private users or the companies analyzing those or other data.

DataBroker DAO - is a new platform where the owners of sensor data could monetize it, and interested companies can receive constantly updated information for various purposes. Data processing allows developers to create all new services that can significantly improve the quality of human life. This platform is based on blockchain technology, which allows you to get new opportunities:

  • Data storage;
  • Data integrity;
  • Monetization, etc.

The developers are absolutely sure that the availability of various data can generate new ideas for their application in real life and for creating new relevant services, taking into account the processing of data from various resources.

Who will be interested in DataBroker DAO platform?

The DataBroker DAO platform, according to experts, will be able to combine:

  • Sellers of data;
  • Buyers of data;
  • Data handlers;
  • Gateway operators.

The interaction scheme, will look something like this:

Who will make profit?

First of all, the profit from cooperation with DataBroker DAO is obtained by the owners of sensors, which can at the expense of selling data at least partially recoup the funds invested in sensors during:

  • Purchases;
  • Connectivity;
  • Maintenance;
  • Purchase of software, etc.

In addition, the data buyers will not be left at a loss, as they will be able to use the data for their own purposes, without investing in the purchase of expensive equipment. Processing data is also a profitable business, and therefore specialists in this field will be in demand on DataBroker DAO platform.

There is a system provided reward for gateway providers, which, according to the authors, will generate a passive profit of 10% from each operation that will be carried out through this or that channel.
Thus, those or other prerogatives will be received by all participants of the platform without exception.

Where DataBroker DAO data could be used?

Data that are planned to be sold on a new platform based on the blockchain will be quite in demand in the following areas of industry and science:

  • Utilities;
  • Smart City initiatives;
  • Transport and Logistic;
  • Scientific Activity;
  • Production Sphere;
  • Natural Resources and Ecology;
  • Agriculture, etc.

And this is not a complete list. Almost every enterprise can find application for various "smart data", and it will be easy enough to purchase such data - by paying a small fee to the sensor owner who can receive passive income.

Sensor Data will be bought by state-owned enterprises and services, as well as private companies interested in improving the quality of services. Among them are fertilizer producers, research laboratories, environmental enterprises and many other organizations of different forms of ownership.

To start working on the platform, it will be enough to create a personal account and add data there, making a certain deposit in the DataBroker’s DAO DTX tokens. After that, for every data stream, trades start, and the data owner himself can raise bids using DTX tokens, which will make data flow more visible in the DataBroker DAO search results. The value of the data can be protested in a certain order and incorrect or unreliable data could be deleted from a single registry, but only after considering the complaint.

TOKEN DTX (DaTa eXchange)

At this stage, the company has presented a demo version of the platform, so everyone can evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages. In addition, in this year company plans to start selling its own crypto currency - DTX token.
One DTX token, according to the developers, should cost about as much as the data from one sensor per 1 work week. In addition, when calculating the cost, the prospects of an increase in the number of sensors were taken into account, which can reach quite high rates already by 2024. This demand for devices also gives rise to offers for the sale of data, and therefore the platform will be quite in demand. The maximum number of tokens, therefore, will be 225 million DTX tokens, according to the number of sensors on the platform by 2024.

30% of tokens are planned to be temporarily frozen until 2021, and the rest will be distributed as follows:

The token pre-sale has started on March 19, 2018. At the moment you can still join public token sale.

Among the additional benefits, anyone who bought DTX tokens on the first day could receive a 10% bonus, and anyone who used the referral link would receive a bonus of 5%. I find bonuses below 30% on token sale very smart decision, which shows us once again that DataBroker DAO is a well planned project.

Еmployees of DataBroker DAO are team of true professionals who have led to the success more than just one start-up and the developers are not planning to stop here, but are going to attract more and more new partners to the team that will definitely make DataBroker DAO even better and more effective.

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IoT Sensor data markets could have a high demand in the near future, hope Databroker DAO will take their part at the market.

26.05.2018 17:00

Do you know on which exchanges Databroker tokens will be listed?

28.05.2018 13:54

This information is not discussed publicly, so far as i know

01.07.2018 12:23

This question is not discussed publicly so far as i know

01.07.2018 15:48

Participated in token sale, loving the project so far! Awesome review.

01.06.2018 16:36