CryptoCarz - Modern VR racing on the blockchain

Cryptocarz - a fresh project on the theme of racing in virtual reality based on blockchain technology. VR allows you to get a real racing experience right in the game. All the subtleties and nuances of sports car handling are taken into account by the developers and adapted to the capabilities of VR.  

 Players are given the opportunity to try themselves on different routes, driving real cars. And all this in virtual reality, for the fact that most users can’t afford expensive cars, and the opportunity to drive them in the cities at insane speed. This opportunity gives only Cryptocarz, perfectly detailed game will make you feel at the wheel of the most modern muscle, sport or an exotic car.   

The introduction of blockchain adds a special charm. Each car model in the game has a limited edition, and the total number of cars is limited. It turns out that the cars in the game are equal to the crypto currency and the less it is the more valuable it is. Only you can have this car, and if someone else wants the same - he will have to pay dearly. An original way of investing, allowing you to ride in virtual reality on your investment.  The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and each user has the opportunity to buy and sell cars and get a real reward for it.  

 The VR game industry is now particularly popular in the West. Now teenagers in the United States are happy to learn how to control a military aircraft in virtual reality, and the appearance of such an interesting product as a race simulator, with the opportunity to earn simply in-game, must cause a furor among the players. The VR games industry is just starting to gain momentum, the existing games are overwhelmingly primitive and do not have enough functionality to manage. The appearance of such an interesting product is unlikely to pass without attention.   

Modern game manufacturers have realized that there are two main ways to monetize their product: creating paid access to the game or creating paid in-game content. Developers CryptoCarz chose the second way, and applying to the game modern technology. Similar projects on the blockchain already exist, the most striking example is the game CryptoKitties. Users created cats and bred them, selling them for crypto-currencies. The game made a splash, although it was essentially an upgraded version of Tamagotchi. And what if this idea will be the basis of excellent graphics, virtual reality and sports cars?  

 Such a toy is able to get special attention of the public, especially among young people. However, the downside is that the game requires the purchase of additional equipment - VR glasses and accessories. However, given the low cost of the accessory and the growing popularity, this can’t be called a serious obstacle. Rather, it will be a new motivation for users to buy VR points, because now there is another beautiful and interesting game, especially with the opportunity to earn.   

CryptoCarz can attract the attention of investors, especially if you remember that at the end of 2017 the same CryptoKitties brought the creators of 12 million dollars only on the sale of “kitties”. Worth noting that CryptoCarz is being developed with the help of Blockchain Studios, which are specializing in blockchain technology development. 


CryptoCarz are running a generous bounty program available here


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Comments 5

Racing on blockchain sound interesting, lets hope the team will succeed even better than crypto kitties did.

19.06.2018 19:03

I saw some videos from Consensus 2018 talking about CryptoCarz, following them since them. For me it’s a must have token, waiting on tokensale.

20.06.2018 06:19

Wow! I’am a big fan of racing games, this is something definitely for me. Will be following this project.

20.06.2018 12:42

Sounds interesting, will study a bit more and most likely invest in this project for long term.

20.06.2018 14:22

Blockchain Studios are working on this project as well, and these guys are quite experienced in what they are doing, worth investing i think.

22.06.2018 23:25