Blockshipping - A revolutionary solution in the field of container transportation

  To date, about 60% of all logistics processes are carried via container transportation. Despite this, the industry suffers from many problems, including: the lack of a unified system of cargo container registry, huge costs of intermediaries involved in logistics, the irrational use of available resources, etc. All this draws the industry to the bottom and makes it less interesting for both customers and contractors.   

Blockshipping is a new blockchain based project that aims at the reorganization and optimization of container transportation by creating a more transparent and user-friendly containers registry.    

The advantages of Blockshipping  

The main advantages of the Blockshipping blockchain based platform include:  

  • Ecological importance. Through the optimization of cargo transportation using containers, it will be possible to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 6 million tons per year. This will make container transportation more environmentally friendly and ensure their compliance with existing environmental standards. 
  • Transparency. The Blockshipping platform is built on the basis of blockchain, which provides secure and transparent storage and change of data on the state of containers within the system. 
  • Economic benefit. Due to the irrational use of the available resources of freight companies, the container logistics industry suffers huge losses. Thanks to Blockshipping, costs in this sector could be lowered by more than 5.5 billion per year. 
  • User-friendly interaction. The Blockshipping platform will allow to connect not only logistics companies, but also other participants of container transportation, making communication between them more accessible and efficient. 
  • Integration into the real world. Within the framework of the Blockshipping platform, special sensors will be used, which will record the state of the container and its location, transmitting data about the real object on the blockchain. More than 27 million containers are already connected to the system. 

 Thus, Blockshipping is a truly unique solution for container logistics.    

What problems does the Blockshipping platform solve? 

 Blockshipping platform will solve a number of problems that exist in the field of container transportation:   

  • Lack of a unified system of accounting of the state and geolocation of containers. 
  • The complexity of the interaction between the participants of container logistics. 
  • High costs of intermediaries in the container market.  
  • Lack of tools for reporting on the use of containers.   

Actually, the Blockshipping platform itself will be interesting to all participants of the container transportation market - ports, loading companies, terminals, logistics companies, etc.  

Why Blockshipping is better than competitors? 

 If we consider the advantages of Blockshipping in comparison with other blockchain projects related to container transportation, for example, BitNautic or Smart Containers, it becomes obvious that Blockshipping is not so much a commercial platform as a project aimed at optimizing the real world application industry.   

If we compare it with similar classic solutions in the industry, Blockshipping is ahead of them in many aspects – reliability, transparency and security provided by the blockchain, the system of tracking the state of containers in real time and much more. Existing systems that affect container transport cannot provide adequate functionality.   

Blockshipping Prospects 

 Container shipping is a global industry that occupies 60% of all logistics processes. Accordingly, it cannot be denied that it needs a product with solutions such as Blockshipping, which will optimize all operational procedures and make container logistics more cost-effective and efficient.   To date, the project has already being supported by a large number of private investors, as well as the Danish Marine Fund. Such interest in the platform shows its prospects and relevance in the real world.  


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Will there be any kind of token burn after finishing the token sale, or what will the team do with unsold tokens?

05.06.2018 17:39

Good question, i think its better to ask directly in Telegram

05.06.2018 17:43

This project is huge! I’am following blockshipping since their very start, in comparison with opponents Blockshipping has way more advantages.

06.06.2018 07:04

I order goods in China and use sea freight to transport my stuff, sometimes i get annoyed with the calls from port telling me they need more time to process my order as they are always busy and have a lot of mess in their paperwork, therefore i find Blockshipping a great solution to this problem.

06.06.2018 12:23

Добрый день! Буду признателен за ответную подписку!

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Team of Blockshipping looking very experienced in the field of container transportation and clearly knows what they are doing, one of the best project in container transportation for me.

08.06.2018 09:29

Very interesting project, will be following them for sure! Thanks for the review.

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