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  Today it is difficult to surprise the user with something and make him pay attention to this or that project. However, there are projects that are so unusual and interesting that simply can’t be ignored. One of such projects is Arcona. Arcona is a whole world of digital reality that will not leave anyone indifferent.    

 For a moment imagine yourself a hero of the film, who discovered a parallel world, digital reality, where everything is real and everything happens in real time. Here everything is like in the real world and even more interesting. You will find shops, cinemas, museums and other interesting places, as well as fascinating stories about the ancient cities and sights of a place on the planet.   

Arcona is a digital world that will completely cover and repeat the real world, which will be its "business card" and attract tons of users who have already got bored with the usual games. All digital entertainment today began to resemble each other as twin brothers and such project as Arcona will certainly attract all those who are bored with daily entertainment.    

In addition, the project can be very interesting for:    

  • Investors;
  • Software developers;
  • Content creators, etc.

 Arcona is an ideal place to interact with many users who will be able to buy, sell, exchange, rent or give away virtual land. Thus, each participant will be able to buy "land" in a digital format exactly where he considers the most promising. The first users have already had the opportunity to take part in the drawing of 10 plots of digital land and become their full owners. The rest were able to take part in the token sale and purchase their digital site at any end of the Planet.   

What are the benefits of the Arcona ecosystem? 

Arcona is a ball of expanded space, where the real and digital world is sometimes very difficult to distinguish, thanks to modern technology which can erase this fragile edge and create a single holistic space that would function in real time.    

Among the undeniable advantages, it’s worth noting the following:  

  • Remote launch. Each member of the system can easily place any project anywhere in the world, regardless of how far it is from the real location. You will be able to change the landscape design, infrastructure and many other things by owning a piece of land on Arcona.
  • Complete safety. By becoming a member of the Arcana ecosystem, you automatically create a smart contract that guarantees copyright, that is, copyrights to any intellectual property that you create within the project.
  • Global market. Each member of the global ecosystem will be able to buy and sell not only land in different parts of the World, but also to realize their creative potential, creating the most incredible content. Any content can be purchased and sold in accordance with the rules established by the developers.

How does it really work? 

 Usage of the Arcona platform is quite simple, and it will be available for everyone who has a smartphone, tablet, PC and access to the Internet. In the future, the developers plan to include in the system other advanced devices such as digital glasses or lenses.   

By becoming a member of Arcona you can:  

  • Buy a plot of land;
  • Change your site with the help of modern technology and the highest quality content;
  • Hire developers and designers working within the ecosystem;
  • Take advantage of many interactive features;
  • Develop infrastructure on your land and even change the landscape design.

 This is not a complete list of features that users will receive, becoming a member of the arcona. The platform will be intensively developed in the future, attracting the best specialists in different fields, and therefore Arcona is promising not only for entertainment, but also for business in a long term.   

Inside the system, there is its own currency – Arcona tokens, the total issue of which is 135 000 000 tokens, 60% of which will be offered for sale to anyone, without any restrictions. One Arcona token can buy 1 square meter of land at any point that will attract your attention. It is worthwhile to assess the prospects of development in advance, as, developing its land, the user will be able to significantly increase its value in the future.    

In favor of the relevance of the proposal is the fact that many well-known companies support the new project, and some even expressed their willingness to provide any necessary assistance.   

Therefore i find Arcona a highly interesting project with great potential in the near future. As Arcona is one of the strongest projects on the market who is offering digital reality experience, it surely would also be interesting for investors. For example some investors already bought digital land worth over 3200 Ethereum, which proves once again how trusted Arcona project really is. Also please note that Arcona is still running a generous bounty reward program, which is available here.


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There are quite a few projects on the market who is offering the same opportunities as Arcona, so my choice is obvious, i will be definitely investing here.

17.06.2018 14:58

Never thought that this day can come and we be able to buy virtual land, thanks for this review!

17.06.2018 19:46

Superb review mate! I will definitely consider this project as my next investment.

18.06.2018 14:57

After reading your article i was thinking how fast the world is changing, and how it would look like in 5 years. I think Arcona is a modern or even more future project with great potential.

19.06.2018 05:22

Any info what will happen to unsold tokens?

21.06.2018 10:08