NELUNS - innovative financial ecosystem

In recent years, blockchain technology has become very popular. Most governments began to think about the legal regulation of cryptocurrencies. Some countries are actively using blockchain technology in their economies.

Smart contracts are one of the main advantages of the blockchain technology. They allow you to make transactions transparent and safe for all market participants.
Recently, a lot of startups based on blockchain technology. Among them, I would like to highlight the project Neluns.

Neluns is an innovative financial ecosystem that combines three financial modules:

  • NELUNS Bank;
  • NELUNS Exchange;
  • NELUNS Insurance.

This is a serious step in the development of cryptocurrency. The platform will allow attracting new users and new capital to the cryptocurrency market.

The platform will give the user huge opportunities:

  • You can quickly sell and purchase various cryptocurrency assets, as well as trade them on the exchange;
  • You can quickly make a deposit or withdraw your assets from anywhere in the world;
  • The platform will provide an opportunity to store cryptocurrencies and Fiat, as well as receive a percentage;
  • The ecosystem plans to issue credit and debit cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express;
  • Each holder of NLS tokens will receive dividends.

The platform team is planning to create a convenient iOS and Android application for mobile devices. You will be able to conduct financial transactions using only your smartphone.

So now more about each Neluns module.

NELUNS Bank is a commercial bank registered and functioning in accordance with all regulations and laws. NELUNS Bank will provide services to individuals and legal entities, as well as will conduct operations in Fiat and cryptocurrency. Over time, the ecosystem will create its own blockchain for international payments.

NELUNS Exchange - trading platform for cryptocurrency. The ecosystem team seeks to remove all the flaws of existing trading platforms. This will allow even beginners to sell crypto assets. NELUNS Exchange will become the basis for innovative financial system!

NELUNS Insurance - is an innovative solution on the cryptocurrency market! NELUNS Insurance will allow users of cryptocurrency and banking exchanges to insure their own assets, and to cover risks in conducting transactions. Users will be able to order full or partial insurance of assets at their discretion.

The platform has a very strong team of developers and advisors. Highly qualified specialists with years of experience is the key to success for any startup! The platform team has specialists in the banking sector, with experience in blockchain technology.
Nick Thielman - experience over 11 years, a specialist in the banking sector, has experience in projects based on technology blockchain.
Darrell Martin - over 14 years experience in banking and Network Engineering.
Patrick Skinner - more than 12 years experience in banking, IT Development, Software Engineering.
The platform was interested in a large number of investors. During the ICO, the team has collected more than $ 100 million.
The project will be of interest not only to active users of cryptocurrencies and investors, as well as to beginners.

Token: NLS
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
ICO price: 1 NLS = 1 USD
Soft Cap: 10.000.000 USD
Hard Cap: 112.000.000 USD

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