BitSong is a new era in the music industry!

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For all of us, music is a huge part of life! Someone listens to music during the journey to work, in the subway or bus. Someone listens to music in order to wake up or fall asleep. Most often we buy our favorite tracks on the Internet. A record company, a video clip for the song, advertising, agent services - all this is a lot of money that an artist must spend so that we can hear his new song. That is why the cost of the track on the Internet is so high!

There are many musical platforms that allow us to listen to our favorite songs. But none of them solves the problems of the modern music industry.
The main problems of the music industry:

  • all known platforms are centralized
  • copyright protection issue
  • a large number of restrictions for performers and listeners
  • high cost of services
  • low security

I am a big fan of music and today I want to share with you one very interesting blockchain project!

BitSong is an innovative decentralized music streaming platform based on the Ethereum blockchain. This is perhaps the first project that solves a number of serious problems. The platform will benefit artist, as well as listeners and advertisers.
The platform will allow the artist to upload their tracks. The advertiser will be able to attach their ads to the track. The user will have access to their favorite music from any device. The platform will receive 10% of the money invested by advertisers, 90% will be distributed between the performer and the audience.

In my opinion, the BitSong platform is unique. Artist will be able to make a profit for their work. Listeners will be able to earn a cryptocurrency for viewing advertising and voting. Advertisers will significantly save on their companies. The platform will solve one of the main problems of the music industry - the huge cost of intermediary services. The musician himself will be able to upload the tracks to the platform and decide what to do with his content.

Let's look at the main features of the platform:

  • If you are a artist. You can make a profit in several ways. You can upload your song to the platform and earn user rewards and profit from embedded advertising. If you want to sell your content, the platform will allow you to choose the most profitable offer. All transactions will be implemented using a smart contract - this will avoid fraud. You can also create your own unique channel.
  • If you are a listener. You can make a profit by participating in various polls and ratings. If you watch ads and help other users of the platform, you will also receive a profit.
  • If you are an advertiser. The platform will allow you to choose the most suitable audience and conduct an advertising campaign. You can analyze previous companies and make adjustments for greater savings.
  • If you are an investor. You can buy BTSG tokens - BitSong platform cryptocurrency, and quickly invest your assets in a talented artist or an interesting project.

BitSong will be available to users of any SmartTV packages. Mobile users will be able to download a convenient, functional application. The application can be used as a convenient player with a huge music library.

The project has a very strong team. There are experts with experience in the music industry. The team also has young professionals with a creative approach and innovative ideas.

Every day, famous artist join the project. Their fans will be the first users of BitSong.

The project has reached a Soft cap and has high ratings. Join us now! BitSong is a new era in the music industry!

Token: BTSG
Token Sale: 21.05.2018
Public Sale: 28.05.2018 - 20.11.2018
1 BTSG = 0.062 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Soft cap: 3 000 000 USD - reached
Hard cap: 25 000 000 USD


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