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In general, recently I have been very interested in technologies of augmented reality. I consider AR one of the most promising areas in IT.

AR is an augmented reality technology that will allow us to complement the world around us with digital information. The history of technology began in 1990, but the level of technology development did not allow to implement conceived. Now mobile platform developers have created ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android. This will enable the introduction of AR-technology in modern mobile applications.

In other words, AR is a great opportunity to add digital information into the real world in real time. The development of augmented reality technology provides tremendous opportunities for creating useful mobile applications.

Today I want to share with you a very interesting project.

ARROUND is a modern social network, the main difference of which will be the use of AR and Blockchain technologies. The ecosystem will be a useful tool for users, advertisers, developers of AR-applications, even miners will find the use of the platform in their activities. The platform team is planning to create a powerful ecosystem that will allow advertisers and brands to interact with users.

Platform users will be able to use a convenient, functional application that allows them to interact with the outside world using AR technology. A huge Internet portal will be created for advertisers and creators of AR-content. AR-application developers get a powerful tool for promoting and monetizing their Apps. An important addition will be the use of technology Blockchain. Smart contracts guarantee the safety of funds on wallets and compliance with the rules of interaction between users.

The project has not only an interesting idea, but everything for its implementation. A strong team of specialists and professionals is working to create an ecosystem.

Already, the project is supported by such large companies as Campari Group, Scania and others.

Key features of the platform:
• Mobile application will provide an opportunity to learn about promotions and discounts. If you hover the smartphone camera on a store sign or brand, the app will show you all the discounts and promotions. You can do the same with a particular product. The application will show information about the product and tell you where to find it. You will receive a notification on your smartphone when you find yourself near the desired store.
• You can save photos, videos, text notes and reviews that will be tied to the place you visited. Share information with friends or people who have similar interests. If you want, then any user of the platform will be able to see your AR content when he or she will be in the this place.
• The ecosystem will allow you to find friends by interests, chat with them and share information.
• Advertisers will be able to place digital advertising, information about promotions, products and events.
• The application will inform the user of all the useful information for him, in accordance with his interests and preferences.

We are entering an era when social networks make a qualitative step in development. And now the social network may be useful in everyday life! Join project now!

Token: ARR
Token sale: 15.09.2018 – 15.11.2018
1 ARR = 0.035 USD
Soft cap: 5 000 000 USD (collected more than 25 000 000 USD)
Hard cap: 30 000 000 USD


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