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Curaizon is a blockchain platform that allows you to monitor patients and remind you about taking drugs, analyze data using BigData and assist in research, as well as link patients, relatives and friends, doctors, nurses, hospitals and drug manufacturers into one ecosystem.

Method of analysis:

Considering that 95% of ICO projects are scam (intentional, economic or technical) and it is very difficult to identify it (and the process of analyzing ICO is quite laborious) - my rocket analysis of projects consists of the following steps:

  1. Primary scam filter. It is passed if you read it. 80% of the analyzed projects do not pass through it and such reviews are not made on them in order not to waste time
  2. How we can earn. It evaluates the business idea, profit and the need for a blockchain. If the question of monetization of the project is in doubt, there is no point in moving on to the next stages.
  3. How we can be thrown. Here is a smaller scam filter - the possibility of cheating and other project risks. If there are a lot of questions here, then it is also meaningless to understand tokens.
  4. Item by face. Here, we delve into the functionality of the token, the distribution of emissions and budgeting of the project and make an investment decision.
  5. Purchase tokens. Here is the process of buying tokens, if appropriate decision is made.

How we can earn

If you are not a pharmaceutical company, or a research laboratory, or a patient who constantly forgets to take his pills, then we can earn money on this project by buying coins (or having received them during a bounty of companies) and selling them through time. For example, in 2020, when version 2.0 will be launched ..

But I like to look at projects not only as a “speculator” with coins, but also from the point of view of real problems and real solutions. Therefore, as true connoisseurs of blockchain technologies and their potential impact on our lives, let's talk about the pressing problems that this project solves.

Even if, well, theoretically, manali is a “potential impact on our lives,” then you should understand what the project is for as a true speculator in order to evaluate its possible X-rays.


Medicines are not a cheap pleasure, but if they are used correctly, and in principle, do not forget to take, as prescribed by the doctor, it greatly saves on the possible costs of hospitals and treatment. In addition, the treatment of those who take medicines is 2 times cheaper than those who do not take.

Studies have shown that a huge number of patients (50%!) Who take the medicine on their own at home simply forget to take prescriptions, buy medicines, or simply drink.

For example, in the EU for the last year 194 thousand deaths were recorded due to the fact that a person did not take medications as prescribed.

How it works?

Here let's look at a few examples for different participants in the ecosystem. So it will be easier and clearer.

A patient

John found out he has diabetes. He goes to the doctor, where he is discharged insulin on an ongoing basis, strictly on schedule. It connects to the system. From this time, he begins to receive notifications about taking medication.

Plus, he can add his friends or relatives, who will be insurance in case he does not take the medicine on time.

Every time he takes his medicine on time, Curaizon will charge the coins to the charity, motivating John to take them on time (if his own health is not enough motivation, of course).


This is a conditional "doctor", that is, any medical facility where John is registered. They receive data in real time about how John is taking medications. That is, before the situation becomes critical, they can intervene and help.

Plus, this is a great experience that can be used to improve appointments, etc.


This is also a conditional name. There are pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centers, etc. They base their research on Real-Time Data, and this is a huge plus. Access to the real Curaizon database is much cheaper than doing your own research.

Plus, there really is BigData and Machine Learning, which makes it much more accurate to draw conclusions on certain groups of drugs or patients.


An excellent symbiosis of the team, advisors, partners and the real problem that really needs to be solved. That is, the main thing for any product is demand. - 100.00%

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