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In light of the new changes on the forum bitcointalk.org, many participants have faced the problem of how to boost their ranking. You cannot achieve it without first collecting the necessary amount of merit. Many expected to boost their accounts and earn a lot from well-paid subscription campaigns. However, in the near future this kind of bounty campaign will either be no longer available or relevant for many. All of us have to adjust and look for new ways of earning money from bounty campaigns or more effectively use what we already have. This situation also makes the issue of publishing high-quality original content on the forum particularly relevant.

The ban on advertising cryptocurrencies and ICOs on Facebook limits the earnings of bounty hunters, and I assume that this is just the start of the

unpleasant news. Thus, now is a good time to participate in blog bounties.

In this forum post I will share my knowledge and ask you to share your experiences too- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2972898.new#new

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