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ATLANTICO Network will be built on a network of nodes supported by the company in the early stages of platform development. Later it will fully or partially transfer control of individual nodes to network members. Thus, a decentralized network will be created, in which no one will fully control the system, which is the main principle of the operation of blockchain technology. Decentralized blockchain technology will also contribute to the rapid and efficient scaling of the platform. Network node operators will have access to the register to verify any operation and resolve possible conflicts. The ATLANTICO network will provide operators with simple and useful software for launching the site, as well as all the necessary information and round-the-clock technical support around the world. The health and pharmaceutical industry is largely influenced by counterfeit products and despite the rapid development of technology, this problem remains urgent. Blockchain provides a solution to this problem by solving the chain of deliveries of medicines and pharmaceutical products that prevent the spread of counterfeit drugs and the storage of records about deliveries, which is unshakable and very difficult for hacker exploits.

ATLANTICO is one of the few projects that use modern technologies that can optimize the supply chain of industry products using smart contracts and distribution technology. In this article I will tell you all the most important about this project. ATLANTICO is a community-driven platform that uses modern technology to optimize medical and pharmaceutical management processes. Platform participants will be able to optimize supply chain management and prevent monopoly or counterfeit products. The platform brings together manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers on a platform that tracks the movement of products to help manage the supply chain. ATLANTICO strives to improve the quality of industry products through community assessments and surveys, which will create competition for product quality improvement, the most interesting part of the platform's capabilities is product tracking using identifiers that allow manufacturers to digitize their products and distribute products in the supply chain.

ATLANTICO is a proven business model. ATLANTICO declares that it has agreed to cooperate with many leading pharmaceutical companies to use the ATLANTICO network platform for the delivery of their products. The company also claims that their technology is 100% unique and patented. Leading experts praise this project and recommend that pharmaceutical companies participate in it. It is assumed that the platform will have more than a thousand users and their operations will be stored in the blockchain. ATL is a token of the NEM Mosaic standard, which will help the platform in its development. It will help to reach out to other users, as well as interact with products and services sold on the platform. The ATL coin will become the main currency of this platform. People who use these tokens on the platform or have stable dividends will receive various bonuses. Coins can also be exchanged for ordinary money or other digital currencies in one of the regular exchanges. The goal of the project is to change the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry, raising the quality of goods and services to a completely different level. The project will affect a large and fast-growing market. ATLANTICO Network will display information about the demand and offer of all enterprises in one place. Thus, users will have a large selection of products, which will allow him to bypass services of poor quality and not get caught in the paws of scammers, which is very important in such an industry.

Supply Chain Management System.

The platform is really capable of improving the supply chain, this is due to the technology of distributed registers that will be used to track products throughout their journey and allow them to obtain statistics of their products on the market. Network technology ATLANTICO provides reliability and transparency, seeks to improve the supply chain in a distributed environment, this method will make it possible to monitor manufacturers at the global level, exporting their products around the world. Manufacturers will be identifiers placed on digital goods, tracking the movement of their products through wholesalers, retailers and consumers. This will eliminate counterfeit products, meanwhile making it possible to obtain information about the availability of the product in real time. The ATLANTICO network will become a unified network that allows monitoring and tracking the supply chain in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in real time.

Advantages of the ATLANTICO network.

The ATLANTICO network will be useful for consumers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, including patients using industrial products. This will allow consumers to receive quality and improved services in the industry, optimizing the delivery of the process of distribution of products. The network will also benefit insurance companies, thanks to the inviolability of the distributed book, which keeps records and prevents fraud and forgery of records. Industry participants will be able to improve the quality of their services and products, which will become possible thanks to the ratings and reviews that their consumers will give to their products. Health centers will be able to improve the quality of the services they provide to remain competitive in community-controlled environments, the ability to be valued by consumers leaves no choice to the supplier
ATLANTICO Network has profile module is part of the membership level, which will be based on the NEM chain. This module will allow users to register on the ATLANTICO network platform. In addition, it will store personal user data and determine their position on the platform. Participants can choose between the following 7 categories:

  1. Patient
  2. Insurance company
  3. The doctor
  4. The medical center
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Wholesale pharmaceutical company
  7. Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Each category requires a different set of data, together with which the user will have a certain level of access and the possibilities of using the platform. Platform members can choose which part of their data will be displayed on the platform, and which one is private. All data submitted to the platform is stored in the blockchain. ATLANTICO Network also has bonus accumulation module is part of the membership level, which will be based on the NEM block chain. This module will allow project members to receive rewards in the form of ALT tokens for assessing the quality of goods and services, as well as their comments.

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