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Problem of the Internet and cryptocurrencies scam.
The problem of fraud existed long before the Internet. The emergence of the Internet contributed to the development of fraud. Various fishing sites, financial pyramids and even viruses that harm the victim’s computer were created. Although Internet fraud is a criminal offence, it still exists and brings losses to ordinary people and larger campaigns. The recent popularization of cryptocurrencies has become a Paradise for scammers. After all, as you know, cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the laws and if your coins are stolen, you can not argue anything.
One of the most popular ways of fraud in the field of crypto-currencies was the method of launching “dummy” projects . It works as follows:

  1. Creating a project with all documentation and description of product;
  2. Start a special topic on with bounty program to attract as many people as possible;
  3. The ICO of the project with the sale of pre-created tokens is launched;
  4. Investors who are interested in the project buy tokens for stable coins, in most cases — Etherium;
  5. At the end of the ICO, the project is closed and the project team safely disappears with all the money collected.
    According to the study, for 2018, more than 80% of all ICOs were acted in a similar way. Because of this, the ICO market has a situation where a large number of investors have become skeptical about all ICOs, so many quality projects can not collect even the minimum necessary funds(softcap). Such a problem needs an effective and modern solution. Blockchain-level solution.

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    MyShield is a project to create a special platform that will fight against fraudulent websites and projects. First of all, MyShield will fight against fraud in the field of cryptocurrencies, identifying potentially fraudulent projects that conduct ICO. Let’s see what anti-fraud methods My Shield will use.
    Scam notifications. My Shield will notify users whenever they visit a suspicious site or make a transaction to an address that has a negative reputation. To do this, a database of such sites and addresses will be created, which will be replenished.
    Transaction verification. A special application will monitor all your transactions so that you do not make a transfer to the wallet of the fraudster.
    Report system. My Shield app will allow users to report suspicious sites or pages. After the complaint, all information will be recorded on the MyShild blockchain, then this information will be checked by MyShild specialists and if the complaint is correct, suspected site will get into the database. So in the future, all users will receive a notification when they try to open this site. You can write a complaint or recommendation in two ways:
    A simple type of complaint and a detailed complaint with description of the problems of the site(for advanced users). In case of a simple complaint, the user sends a complaint and indicates the degree of risk (from Low to High). In a detailed complaint, the user describes all the details that were identified in the analysis of the site and also indicates the degree of risk. If the complaint is confirmed, the user who sent the complaint will receive a reward in the form of tokens.

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    The MyShield Trust StampTM. MyShield Trust Stamp will be used as a guarantee of the quality of websites, projects or social media pages. If a user sees that MyShield Trust Stamp is present on this site when visiting one of the sites or trading platforms, he / she can be sure that this site has passed a full security check and conducts honest activity.
    To increase the trust of the audience, site owners will be able to request a MyShield Trust Stamp. After processing the request, my shield experts will start a full site check. After successful verification, the site will receive a MyShield Trust Stamp and will be entered into the database as a secure site.

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Useful project . Thank you!

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the more we fight the better the scam will work honest!

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Good overview! The project is interested. Thanks to the author.

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I also participate in this project.

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