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KryptoPa is a blockchain platform which can combine with different programs in any point on the globe to provide carrying out cryptocurrency's transactions. KryptoPa intends to launch a set of mechanisms and tools for developers to use in their familiar programming languages to merge with blockchain or to the form of non-centralized programs. The main purpose of the company is to get the first place in the introduction of cryptocurrency, blockchain and other progressive technologies in the overall virtual economy.

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If you use the platform for an existing application, it immediately connects to Ethereum, establishes link to other applications on the network, and users can communicate and make cryptocurrency transactions. The production features of the KryptoPa platform allow application developers to work efficiently on new decentralized programs and services. Thanks to private components, existing applications and services easily connect to new decentralized technologies. The KryptoPa platform can be linked with any program, Internet explorer or device to integrate blockchain properties: encryption of transactions, smart contracts, familiarization with the blockchain conditions and their storage.

Using platform mechanisms and tools, application developers, engineers and web designers will be able to implement blockchain support without losing significant resources and not having a long practice.
A demonstration version of the platform is already available for viewing.

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  • KryptoPa responds to current requests which are related to the restriction of ubiquitous integration of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency by creating a global platform that combines modern market facilities into a holistic mechanisms set. Application creators will be able to embed KryptoPa tools into existing programs without forcing customers to switch to new tools.
  • Obstacles minimization for the use of blockchain. Using and connection of nodes to the technology in no time, reducing the financial and resource losses in the development process that required to integrate with the blockchain.
  • Eliminating the delay. KryptoPal-Powered programs are capable of opening an innovative channel for off-net payments, that works in the progressive network uRaiden for concluding online transactions with rates equal to zero.
  • Association of applications over the world. Providing new connectivity for different programs to work together a set of endpoints that abstracting to use software protocols and launch the blockchain option.
  • Conclusion of smart contracts that help to link any program with the current application, abstracting the client's connection with the blockchain.
  • Standardized identity management. A universal and local final identification point that issues information from the supplier's or users' registries can be used to achieve the efficiency of the address list or cooperation between programs.


Methods of using the KryptoPal site:

  • There is cryptocurrency wallet in the financial application which familiar for the consumer.
  • There are cryptocurrency transfers in the user program.
  • Using of cryptocurrency in games.
  • Electronic commerce. Shopping online.
  • Global transactions in applications for mobile devices.
  • Large web transactions.
  • Point of sale POS. Encouraging consumers.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions on IoT.

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Name of the token : KPX

Total will be released : 1,000,000,000 KPX

Soft cap: 4,000,000$

Hard cap: 60,000,000$

The price of the token on Pre-sale : 0.8$

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This project is very powerful and not simple. Yes, it looks not so dusty on paper, but will the developers be able to realize this project? There are all the prerequisites for what they can. There is a demonstration version of the KryptoPa platform in the network. The project must be completed because the strong enough team . If you are interested in this project, I advise you to read it more detail from reference below.



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