Omnity: the Blockchain Forms a Unified Database of Relevant Knowledge

Omnity – is a platform for fast search of theses, facts, and conclusions. Omnity analyzes the context of requests, collects publication ideas, taking into account the semantic kernel, publication date, comments, and ratings. For example, a lawyer needs to confirm the relevance of the new law - Omnity will find references to the original document, trial statistics, comments by reputable lawyers and government officials. The specialist receives a summary of the texts, saving a lot of time on reading the documents.
How Does the Omnity Platform Work?
The architecture of the application is based on a neural network that identifies the semantic links between documents of similar subjects. The machine learning technology "reads" each document, providing the user with conclusions and similar materials. The project base is mathematical linguistics, statistical module, machine learning, which allow you to safely store and quickly find the necessary publications.
The basis of the platform is the Distributed Storage Network (DSN) - a network for downloading, updating, storing, searching for new publications on various topics. For example, a user posted an article in a medical journal, uploaded a copy to Omnity. The material is available to all community members, the owner's conclusions are "deducted" by the system automatically.

The DSN consists of six components.
Storage Monitor (SM) – a tool for tracking the relevance of materials. For example, a step-by-step guide for installing a climate control system has been deleted by the user. SM sends a request to the participant to update the document.
File Handler (FH) - an application for storing and retrieving files that decrypts information, sends requests for use to the owner of the document. For example, a researcher loads his research into energy-saving technologies. FH creates a unique identifier (analog of ISBN for paper editions) so that the file can be easily found in the system.
Data Recovery Agent (DRA) - tool for quick recovery of lost files, it sends a notification to the owner of the document.
Storage Strategy Selector (SSS) - a tool for storing all files according to user settings. For example, an Omnity member downloads financial documents to the system that are closed for public viewing. SSS puts the file attributes to protect information.
Storage Cost Estimation Engine (SCEE) - an application that selects the optimal location for storing a file based on its volume and frequency of requests. For example, drawings of buildings are viewed only once every few years, so they are stored on the remote servers in an encrypted form.
Storage Cost Scanner (SCS) - a mathematical module that estimates the cost of storing each file based on the specified parameters. For example, the design bureau stores digitized copies of all projects using a paid account in Dropbox. SCS will assess the benefits of the current tariff taking into account the expansion of the business.
Developers are targeting the project to solve the problems of the public sector and large businesses working with large data sets. Free use of a platform with limited functionality is available as well. Whitepaper contains an application with characteristics of functions.

Crowdsale of the Omnity Project
The team has already released MVP with the function of viewing documents, it is necessary to register on the site for access. Details of the ICO were not published, the team posted a project development plan depending on the funds collected. For example, if they collect up to $ 5 million, the full version of the application will be available only to investors. If the ICO collects more than $50 million, analytical applications and a knowledge base will be available for everyone.

Most of the funds raised (74%) will be invested in the development of the platform, 15% will be a reserve fund, 6% will go to the team and advisors, 5% will remain in the founders' accounts. Omnity - an example of a universal project, in demand on the market of legal, financial, and government services.


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