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Each of us has a long-standing email and its usefulness is undeniable. For example, many services require e-mail for registration, some use it to store data, some as security for an account. It can also be used for communication and data exchange. In general, she has more than enough uses. Although e-mail and a useful thing, but it also has its drawbacks. For example, all existing mails have insufficient security, which makes it easy to access them and take away any files from there. In addition, every person who actively uses mail constantly receives a lot, absolutely useless, spam. Not only is it absolutely useless and has no proper target distribution, you do not get paid for it.Having considered the errors and shortcomings of all existing e-mails, EMMARES decided to create a unique application that will improve any e-mail so that people can also make money on spam mailings. Today it will be discussed:

What is this project?

EMMARES is an innovative and unique service of its kind that will allow its users to earn money by what they write.Just imagine, now all the spam - advertising will pay you for what you get it! Do you think this is not realistic? But no, you are mistaken. With the EMMARES platform, everything will become more than real. Now marketers will send you only those messages that you will truly be interested in, and if you do not find them necessary or acceptable, you easily refuse them.Further you can simply answer them, vote for them or for example leave feedback about that product or the letter itself. For all this you will receive project tokens, which you can later turn into good money. All this will work and this service will be very beneficial to use, because users receive specific letters that they are interested in, and marketers receive a high-quality return on their work.

The principle of the EMMARES service:

The algorithm of this service is very simple but still has no analogues in the whole world. The principle of work is as follows: Marketers create a smart contract, after which each of the users receive certain letters of one kind or another. If the user is not interested in this area, he refuses the mailing and on this subject he no longer receives letters. This creates a huge algorithm that will later work as a clock, providing all the necessary information. As a result, each side gets what it wants, so everyone is happy.

EMMARES Service Token: 

EMMARES has created its own in-house token, which will open a lot of opportunities for its users. This token can be used for completely different purposes. Make orders for mailings, pay off within the platform, sell and buy this token. In addition, the use of one currency will remove the difference in rates and currencies between a particular country, allowing the platform to be used as comfortably as possible.



As you managed to notice, the prospects of this project can be envied. His idea and its execution indicate the future success and relevance. Plus, the project team has worked on the glory and will soon be able to put on the market a finished product that will bring its depositors good dividends. If you want to support the project, you can go to the official website of the company and purchase the project's tokens, thereby becoming a part of it. Thank you very much for your attention, all the links you will find below. Success in your endeavors and do not forget that your investments are your future!  

Links to the project:

Web:   https://emmares.io

Whitepaper:   https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf

Bitcointalk:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2807216.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emmares_io

Telegram:    https://t.me/emmares

Medium:   https://medium.com/emmares

The author of the article: lis999

Link to the BTT profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2016471 

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@lis999 Я думаю, что проект очень актуален для настоящего и будущего

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@ansertyto Проект действительно достойный. Благодарю за ваше мнение.

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@lis999 Проект достаточно интересный, спасибо вам за обзор!

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@yisechka У проекта много перспектив. Вам спасибо за ваше мнение!

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