p>Have yu heard of #ANYONE #CASINO? Are you aware that ANYONE is the only blockchain based Casino platform successfully operating both online and offline ‘using cryptocurrencies? In case you are not aware, n, now hear this, <>#ANYONE is operating a #DECENTRALIZED CASINO Gaming platform where players can have a choice of either playing online or offline. For those who are not computer literate or do not have access to the internet, ANYONE CASINO carries every on alonlong.
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beliou have never seen it this interesting in the entire Gaming industry. The fact is, the Team in charge of ANYONE is made up of serious minded personalities with great business experiences who know what it takes to successfully run a CASINO business and other businessessinesses.
#ANYONE is venturing into other business models order than CASINO Games, such as ANYONE Exchange and ANYONE investment Dividend. Despite the fact that they are already making a huge wave in the CASINO business, they have decided to go further in operating a Dividend business model where holders of #ANY coin are rewarded for their investment. tell youe big whales and companies already partnering with ANYONE and investing huge amount of money. This great partnership must have come as a result of the trust and confidence those whales and companies have in ANYONE team and their business models. Website:

n casrested in knowing how the dividend works or perhaps you want to invest in #ANYONE and join others in enjoying the great dividend payable in Chips and converted to BTC below is how the dividend model works:

ON 10th o/p>On 10th of July
otal ite = 1,381,215,469 ANY
The 5,469 ANY
he Amount investor = 500,000 ANY
Then the c0 ANY
hen thus:
500,000 divithus:
00,00469 multiplies by 100 = 0.0362%
On 9th of July0362%
n 9thevious day Revenue raised by ANY = 3087, 8037 Chip .
Now we will havehip .
ow weChip Mulhave:
087.8which is the percentage owned by an investor = 1.1177Chip in one day. Note: 1 CHIP = 1 USD which means this investor is entitled to 1.1177 USD.
However, depending o USD.
owevested the ratio varies per time. A user can withdraw a minimum of 1000 USD which is equivalent to 1000 chips. Meaning if your dividend iships everyday of the week .  But  will be able to withdraw a lesser amount up to as low as 10 USD only once in a week , that is on Wednesdays alone.  This was done  to allow  those low and average investors who are still trying to become whales to also withdraw and enjoy dividend from their small investment. 

fnings is simple, you have to input the amount you are withdrawing, input your BTC wallet address where you see that option on the form, remember to carry out your email certification / verification and finally your OTP certification. And you will receive your dividend. The process is as simple as that. Website:

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O> I am glad to let my readersNYONE
am g is introducing both web and Mobile Applications to enable users play ANYONE casino games anywhere using their mobile devices or their computer. There will be both Android and IOS version although the IOS version shall be coming in the nearest future. As we speak, the Test version for the mobile App is available.
I must say, the speed at whicable.
mustNYONE has taken in such a short period since the launch on the blockchain is amazing. The features of High quality and Reliability which they have taken seriously are yielding great results for the project. No wonder they are being invited for offline Casino in several countries and still counting. I am so convinced that with the introduction of the APPs ANYONE will be a house hold name globally as regards #CASINO games, #EXCHANGE and #INVESTMENT #DIVIDEND.

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