ANYONE has come when the cryptoworld is seriously in need of such projects to completely revolutionize the blockchain technology, enhance the use of cryptocurrencies in real life and add value to the cryptoworld in general.
ANYONE has several business models integrated in one decentralized platform. Talking about ANYONE CASINO Games where users play online and offline CASINO games. As we all know, Gaming is a great way in which individuals relax after a tedious day at work. But it becomes more interesting when you can actually make some money from playing your favorite CASINO Games.
ANYONE does not just have one type of Game, rather there are numerous varieties of Games that users can choose to play anyone of their choice and CHIPs won while playing the CASINO games is converted into USD at a rate of 1 CHIP = 1USD. This has helped in stabilizing the quality of ANYONE casino.

It will be good to inform you that ANYONE has offices in HONG KONG and BELIZE and they have branches in other parts of the world. ANYONE offline Games gives opportunity to those in some areas where internet facility is not available to also play the CASINO and win some GAME CHIPS which is a payment method of ANYONE CASINO Games. ANYONE has bridge the gap between the real world and virtual world by creating both online and offline Casino and allow users to play using cryptocoins ( ANY).
Leveraging on the features of the blockchain technology, ANYONE CASINO is decentralized which allow for transparency and trust. Also, to solve the problem of low quality and unreliability that is found in other Casino platforms ANYONE has designed a mirror server and its making use of its own logan blockchain with POW ( proof of work) algorithm which will enable the quality of the CASINO Games to remain high .

ANYONE has created ANY token on its own blokchain which will help fight against drop in price and manipulation of the Coin. ANYONE has Dividend sharing as one of its business model and this is really contributing to the value of ANY .investors Buy ANY coin and the Revenue derive from the platform is shared among the coin holders depending on the amount of ANY coin an investor owns.

Another important and very essential business model of ANYONE is ANYONE Exchange, this is a Decentralized Exchange which is designed to meet the needs of traders and developers who intends to list their projects for public offering. ANYONE has created a standard by the simple and user friendly interface of their Exchange, where users will be able to trade with peace of mind without bothering about security issues which is rampant in most existing Exchanges presently.
Users will use ANY coin in carrying transactions on the Exchange and a fast, secure, safe and transparent transaction is what ANYONE Exchange is designed to offer.

With ANYONE wallet in different versions: both web and mobile wallets, users will safely and securely hold and exchange their cryptocurrrencies on ANYONE Exchange with confidence.
The newly introduced Mobile and desktop Applications that is coming out soon is another mile stone in the success of ANYONE projects. These Apps when released, users will be able to manage the different business models of ANYONE using a mobile device or a desk top depending on their choice. The ANDROID version of the mobile App will be out soon alongside the desk top version while the IOS version will be coming in the nearest future.

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