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OPIRIA & PDATA - a new look at working with personal data

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Greetings, Dear Reader. I do not do many reviews, but I try to choose very high-quality projects.I do not do many reviews, but I try to choose very high-quality projects. I think that with this approach, I can help many people to find a worthy project, and to themselves thankful readers. But enough lyrics. Today, I have prepared for you something really amazing. I think this project will be one of the tops in 2018 and it's my duty to tell about it.

Let's go back to 20 years ago, and remember our first earnings on the Internet. I remember that the first attempt to find a job on the Internet led to the filling out surveys. I was lucky then, and I got my first 5 dollars for the poll from the company - P&G — Procter&Gamble. I was then a student and in my head, the thought flashed: "I will soon be rich." And I was preparing a plan to attract a group of students to fill out surveys of foreign companies. Having filled out a lot of polls, I realized that most of them are cheating. It was my first experience on the Internet.

And now imagine that an honest and transparent company will appear on the market, which will be an intermediary between large organizations and users willing to sell personal information for business. Presented? Today I'm no longer a student, and in my head again flashed the thought that this could be a good addition to my main sources of income, why not? It is not difficult for me to spend a few minutes of my time on the passage of a questionnaire or a survey of course if I am sure that is not fraud and will receive some kind of reward.

Now you understand what I mean? I am glad to present to your attention the project OPIRIA & PDATA - this is the intermediary between us and the business, ready to pay money for our confidential data.

About the project

There are many startups on the market with this idea, but this niche is still free, and a company like OPIRIA can easily take it. Its difference, from other startups, is that OPIRIA is already an existing company that successfully works with such giants as P & G, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes and other companies. They have already proved themselves well and have a huge credit of trust.

The innovation of the project is that they decided to transfer their fully operational business model to blockchain technology and create a single OPIRIA & PDATA platform, which will provide a full guarantee of transparency and security to both bidders.

How does the platform work?

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At the beginning of the article, I have already hinted briefly how this platform will work, but let's consider the project in more detail. The scheme of the platform is quite simple. The platform is reminiscent of a stock exchange where information is the object of bidding. The customer has the opportunity to work directly with sellers of data: create surveys, different questionnaires, track user behavior. To some extent, the application resembles a spyware program that monitors every step you take on the network, but the difference here is that this is not a virus, and the participants themselves agree with the provision of this information. In addition, users have a huge choice of what kind of information they would like to provide. It can be information about the financial condition, preferences in household appliances or brands, your health, anything you like. To pay for the information, the company's token, which is called PDATA token, will be used. The application already exists for two platforms: Apple and Android, you can download them on the official website at the link -

Crowdsale Details

Private Sale
A private sale with a contribution of at least $ 50,000 will be held until April 19, 10:00 GMT - the bonus is the subject of negotiations. Private sale will be limited to 5 million US dollars.

Public Pre-Sale

The start date of TGE is April 20, 2018, 10:00 GMT and will end on May 4, 2018, 10 AM GMT. During the presale period of TGE, the minimum contribution is 2500 US dollars, and the bonus is 20%. In the Pre-Sale TGE there will be a hardcap. Pre-Sale will end immediately after reaching hardcap, and the main sale of TGE will begin in 24 hours.

Public Sale (TGE)

The sale of TGE will begin on May 5, 2018, 10:00 GMT and finish on June 2, 2018, 10:00 GMT. During the 1st day of the TGE sales period, the bonus will be 15%. Each day the bonus will decrease by 1% to a minimum of 0%. In the last 15 days TGE will no longer have bonuses. During the first 4 hours of TGE, the following personal restriction applies: Maximum contribution = 1 ETH, After the first 4 hours of TGE, the personal limit will be lifted.

Distribution of tokens

● Issued: 60% of coins will be issued for TGE
● Development Fund: 13% will be used to purchase data and develop communities
● Company / team: 20%
● Advisers: 5%
● Bounty: 2%

How will 20% of the team be used?

● 25% of them will be available at the same time as for investors, approximately 1 month after TGE.
● 25% of them will be blocked within 6 months
● 25% of them will be blocked for 12 months
● 25% of them will be blocked within 24 months
And all unsold tokens will be burned, which will create an additional deficit and the value of the token.

The project team

Implementation of such a large-scale project is impossible without a strong team.

Managing companies

Dr.-Ing. Christian Lange - Founder and CEO

Christian graduated from the Technical University of Munich and has a great scientific and engineering experience. He received a master's degree in science (Mechanical Engineering) and is a candidate of technical sciences in human factors and ergonomics. In addition, Christian has a fairly extensive track record. He was the founder of Ergoneers GmbH in 2005. For 10 years, Ergoneers has reached an income of up to $ 5 million without any investment. In 2015, he left the group Ergoneers.

Marlene Gagesch - Co-Founder and Technical Director

Marlene holds a master's degree in computer science from the Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nuremberg University. Her specialty includes a scalable software architecture and team management of the development department. In 2007, Marlene joined Ergoneers GmbH in the early days of her launch. She was the head of software from 2007 to 2015. During this time, she ran an internal team of software developers and testers. Under her management, the D-Lab software has evolved into an international successful data collection and analysis platform with 1000+ B2B clients.

Sales department

Development team

Project advisers

Road map

The project, to the smallest detail, has the entire work plan in place until 2023, I will only show a visual representation, and full information can be found in the WhitePaper project on page 68 - Pdf


I do not even know what else can be supplemented here, in my opinion, the project was disassembled in great detail. I just want to say that OPIRIA is an established company that has every chance to become a monopolist in its niche. I forgot to mention that there will be no restrictions on the platform in direct communication between the customer and the user, which should result in a better product. In the production of a quality product, at least 4 market participants are interested: companies, investors, users and the company itself, which will have a commission from each sale. I wish all to have successful investments and participate in quality projects!

Additional Information


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