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Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising Saiterm and its advantages.

About Saiterm

Saiterm will be included to produce and distribute heating systems. The development of this system, which will be produced by Saiterm, called SPRING, offers derivatives that exploit the latest financial and industrial technologies, to produce and distribute highly sought-after products, as absolutely necessary and that respond to global future. needs in terms of energy efficiency and welfare for humans.

The aim of saiterm is to contribute to prosperity, be improved to suit the environment and inefficiency.

We aim to develop the latest technology products, designed to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

The development of this system, produced by Saiterm, is called SPRING.

This platform offers derivatives that exploit financial and industrial technology, to produce and distribute highly sought-after products, which are very much needed and that respond to future global needs in terms of energy efficiency and welfare for humans. With reference to the state of the art, so the core of Saiterm's main goal is to reduce the installed power and consumption of heating systems. With the same technological performance currently on the market.

Distribution will take place on the international market and will be directed to large builders and retail chains; distribution will also be done through our e-commerce store.

The spring panels manufactured by Saiterm are superior in quality compared to other heating systems in terms of efficiency, comfort and well-being. This is why this is the ideal solution for new buildings, renovations or even to increase the comfort of one room.

In fact there is no comparison with gas, pellet, and heat pump systems, or with traditional infrared ones, which only look similar to SPRING. Traditional systems, such as underfloor heating, which are currently the most energy efficient one, have an average cost higher than 236% compared to SPRING Regardless of the cost, a lot of data shows that this system consumes at least 35% more energy than the system Saiterm.

The production process will be fully automated to guarantee the distribution of the initial 20,000 sheets, to take us through the next 5 years, at least 800,000 pieces per year. This is to overcome only a part of the global demand for efficient heating systems.

It is enough to say that there are 90 square meters of apartments, consisting of 5 rooms, need to install at least 5 Saiterm Spring units. Considering the economic benefits of purchasing, as well as the very high savings obtained by reducing energy consumption, we can consider 800,000 panels of a truly conservative and limited year estimate.

In fact, with 800,000 panels divided by 5 rooms, only 160,000 apartments in the world can be arranged. Direct investment in this project will be carried out by purchasing the selected Saiterm Spring, and this will guarantee the independence of initiatives from multinational companies in this sector, large companies and banks. The financial instrument used to launch is the Saiex Coin on Ethereum Blockchain.


In fact, the theme of heating any room is one of the most acute in our society. Because traditional sources of heat:

  • spending too much resources;
  • the heating system itself is expensive, both during installation and during its further operation;
  • price/quality does not match;
  • everything else is not always good for our health.

I think many of you who live certainly not on the equator, at least once in the winter time paid for utilities for heating your home and the cost of services often caused an unpleasant shock. As a rule, this amount is very impressive and unfortunately from year to year only grows. At the same time, the boilers that supply us with this heat often do not meet environmental standards and when burning a particular type of fuel emit a huge amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Which in turn adversely affect our environment with you. Thus, the cycle of action affecting all of us is formed.

To break this vicious circle one very ambitious company which understands all gravity of the events therefore it is ready to show us the new, universal environmentally friendly heating system aspires.


It is important to note that the Spring system was originally created to bring comfort and well-being into our lives. Therefore, it has a lot of advantages and for clarity, let's look at some of them:

  • first, as I said before, the innovative spring panels are the best in price/quality ratio. Because they are simple and easy to install and do not require any additional materials and tools to manage them. At the same time, Spring does not have any preferential or tax fees, and they do not require additional maintenance and periodic certification;
  • secondly, the produced heat is not wasted, but is slowly absorbed into all surrounding objects, ensuring a uniform, comfortable and pleasant feeling of warmth;
  • third, the Spring rays do not heat the air itself, which allows you to breathe in the room easily and naturally, and also eliminates the further use of humidifiers, since they are not necessary. On the contrary, the uniform heating of surfaces in the house, or any other room eliminates such common problems as excessive moisture and mold;
  • fourth, due to the lack of convection currents, which are so inherent in our traditional control systems, Spring is able to solve such a problem as uneven heating of space and people in it;
  • among other things, because of its radiant system Spring is able to relieve rheumatic pain, as well as a beneficial effect on the micro-circulating processes in the human body and its digestion.

The details of the ICO

For further development and financing of its project, Saiterm launches the sale of its own tokens – SAIEX. With the help of ICO, the team of founders intends to raise all the necessary funds to launch the first batch of Spring systems, as well as its further distribution. At the same time, with the help of tokens, you can also purchase the Spring panel itself, which makes the purchase process even more convenient, transparent and secure.

In total, 100 million coins will be issued for the development of the project, 50% of which will be allocated for the ICO. The rest of the tokens are evenly distributed among the team of specialists, and most of them are intended for further development of the system, scientific developments and other research. The remaining 2% are for the bounty program and its participants.

The distribution of tokens is more clearly seen from the scheme:

Road Map


Homeowners will soon be able to cut their electricity bills using breakthrough infrared heating technology by Saiterm. Based in Amsterdam, our technology company designs heating products with long-term goals to reduce domestic energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Official resources of the project Saiterm:

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