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Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising Mitoshi and its advantages. I will provide some information about the cryptocurrency project because we know the Crypto project is very influential in the world. There are also many misuses of cryptocurrency projects to get their own benefits from Ponzi schemes, asset attacks, losses with large risks and involving fraud. But not for this one project from Mitoshi Crypto Lotto Platform, they have a professional team with structured concepts along with blockchain that is constantly being developed.

About Mitoshi CryptoLotto

MITOSHI is that the next generation of online gambling and crypto-lotteries power-driven by the blockchain. Centralization in international lotteries these days heavily hinder the expansion of lotteries. Taxation, slow payouts, and laws is a pain the business.
Mitoshi CryptoLotto aims to unravel this exploitation sensible contracts on a blockchain platform.
Mitoshi CryptoLotto can bring on a totally clear and honest lottery expertise to the worldwide market. Players are going to be able to relish a large array of lottery games with nearly instant payouts. they're going to be able to relish a totally clear platform that ensures fairness and pleasure in their gambling.

Our vision

Mitoshi is that the next generation of online gambling and crypto lotteries power-driven by the blockchain. Our vision is to bring on a totally honest, secure and clear crypto lottery expertise that's promptly accessible to the worldwide market. unreal as a really international crypto lottery play – it'll provide attracts that cowl the geographies of Asia, North America and Europe. Mitoshi crypto lotteries tokens are often purchased exploitation enactment and cryptocurrencies.

A lottery designed on sensible contracts

Mitoshi can utilize the blockchain platform and with Ethereum sensible contracts for collection, distributing funds yet as in paying lottery sales commissions through our referral program. With sensible contracts, neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be counterfeited. Mitoshi Cryptolotto can a redistributed community owned by the net community – due to the facility of the blockchain.

Global attracts

Mitoshi can have a widespread lineup of lottery attracts. every draw contains large payouts for its winners. Mitoshi CryptoLotto can have a worldwide reach, permitting anybody from around the globe to participate by the faucet of a finger.

Challenges on the worldwide board game business

Issues and challenges in business haven't solely hurt the business, however, have conjointly hindered its growth. we glance at the additional pressing reasons why today’s ancient lotteries got to evolve.

Lack fairness transparency
A recent study went into however specifically a lottery are often lateen-rigged, tampered and cheated – arising queries such North American nation the validity and “realness” of the winning price tag; honest allocation of ticket payoff to the prize pool; is that the winning variety drawn in an exceedingly random and secure manner; and will somebody extremely win it and not simply move to one or two operators. A lottery supported sensible contracts ought to address every and one in every one of these issues.

Lack of Innovation
Traditional Lotteries haven't shown any innovation and don’t have a lot of area for selection in game development. Mitoshi crypto lotto can provide recent and winnable attracts while not compromising on fairness and on its amusement price.

Regulatory Setbacks
Traditional lotteries these days square measure hindered with laws – from territorial limits that stop audiences from alternative countries in collaborating into the large jackpot attracts to taxes and further charges. Centralized or monopolized operators motivate laws, to incorporate even state-controlled ones. These laws hurt the prize that ought to be reaching to the players.

Long Payouts
Spanning anyplace from weeks to months once the results, ancient lotteries are ill-famed to distributing prize winnings very late with tons of verification checks within the identity and therefore the price tag. this can be a serious inconvenience to the players, and a follow that shouldn’t be tolerated.

Stunted Growth
Expanding markets may be a formidable challenge within the business as a result of the problem in attracting new players or retentive existing ones, that not solely makes it probably to be dependent on addiction. This makes it somewhat wrong, however, this conjointly makes it tougher to pursue and implement new sales channels.


With so many digital tokens, cryptocurrency and digital coins applications flooding the market today, how can you tell which of these is exceptional?

Mitoshi crypto lotto is the only token where you can succeed with the power of your fingertips. Choosing Mitoshi crypto lotto already makes you a winner when you invest because you get to build significant returns on your money in three easy ways:

  1. You can get in on the Mitoshi crypto lotto token sales: Early token buyers can enjoy massive discounts which could grow in value over time until the tokens get listed in an exchange. The earlier you get into Mitoshi tokens sales, the bigger the discounts and bonuses.
  2. With your Mitoshi crypto lotto tokens, you can play in our global draws online through the Mitoshi app or through the website. Mitoshi Crypto lotto draws will have guaranteed winnings (unlike pooled pot prizes offered by other lotteries). This further goes up as long as there are no winners for that draw. The “everybody wins” principle will be executed when the jackpot price of a draw reaches a certain draw number. If there are no winners for the particular draw, it will trigger a code to either break a jackpot or not, and when it picks a go signal that the jackpot will be broken, the winnings will be distributed among all the active players of that draw and all your winnings will go straight to your Mitoshi crypto lotto e-wallet.
  3. You can also earn more when you refer a friend to Mitoshi crypto lotto. You automatically get 10% of their total purchase, which goes directly to your Mitoshi e-wallet. The more people you bring in, the more you earn.

Mitoshi will be available in 5 languages: English, Russian, Japanese, mandarin and Spanish. It can be accessed on your smart phone and desktop. All you need is your email, a password, internet connection and your Mitoshi e-wallet.

Detail Token

Token symbol MTSH

Token sale start

Token sale end

Total amount of tokens 1,000,000,000

Total amount to be sold 68,000,000 or 68% of total issuance

Total private sale US$20,000,000.00

Total pre sale US$20,000,000.00

Token main sale US$60,000,000.00

Soft cap US$10,000,000.00

Hard cap US$100,000,000.00

Accepted crypto & fiat currencies ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

In conclusion, from what we can see blockchain technology has a huge potential to regularize the lottery industry for both the gamers and the operators.

Proceed allocation


April to June 2018
Business case formation

July to Gregorian calendar month 2018
Team formation
Preparation of sale

October 2018 to January 2019
Private sale

February 2019
Presale (30% Bonus)
Start of Games Development

March 2019
Presale (25% Bonus)

April 2019
Presale (20% Bonus)

May 2019
Presale (15% Bonus)

June 2019
Presale (10% Bonus)

July 2019
Presale (5% Bonus)
The launch of computer network.playmitoshi.com website
The launch of four Lottery attracts

August 2019
CrowdSale amount (No Bonus)

September 2019
Exchange Listing
Mobile App unleash of Games [Android]
The launch of three a lot of Lotteries attracts


TC Picardo- CEO & Founder
Norman Velasco-COO & Co-Founder


Nikita Melnikov- Blockchain & Smart Contract Adviser
Kim Zafra- Mathematecian Game / Technical Game Advisor
Natthavhong Jumchai- Business, Asia & Australia Development
Charles Greenwood - Business, English & European Development
Jocelyn Peralta- Finance & Accounting


Sergey Provalinski- Front-end Developer
Alexander Podrezov - Back-end developer
Kalinouski Constantine-Architect Protocol
Julia Drobnitsa- UX / IU Designer
Jury Verbitski- PR & Digital Marketing
Jerick Alcancia- Motion Graphic Artist
Rowena Ma. Clara Cos- Copywriter


Kashif Syed- Social Media Management
Raizalyn Razo- Community Management
Celeste Paras- Community Management (English)
Chen Chee Fah- Community Management (Mandarin)
Awele Kimberly Ajiduah- Content Management
Philip Smart Kolawole- Community Management
Hazel Olivar- Community Management


At the moment there is a lot of hindrance to the growth of the lottery industry: the centralization of global lottery draws, taxes and a long payout period. The Mitoshi project is working to eliminate this interference using blockchain-based smart contracts. In cooperation with Mitoshi CryptoLotto, a transparent and secure lottery industry will enter the global market. Participants will enjoy the fair platform structure and instant payouts.

Today, the lottery sector covers 50% of the US market and 75% of the UK market. China's lottery market with sales of $ 68 billion is in second place. But the blockchain system is an innovative approach to the field of games, able to capture the global market and provide a transparent and secure platform for players from around the world.

For more information, please see the following link:

WEBSITE: https://www.mitoshi.io/

WHITEPAPER: https://www.mitoshi.io/files/Whitepaper.pdf

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Mitoshi_Crypto

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MitoshiCryptoLotto/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mitoshicrypto

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mitoshi/

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@mitoshicrypto

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/mitoshicrypto

GITHUB: https://github.com/loftchain/smart-contracts/blob/master/MTSH.sol

Bitcointalk Username: LeoDav

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2539144

My Eth Wallet Address: 0x3D17c00506572Bd93869D7818cE71Ae1822c139E

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