Opiria Platform & PDATA token - Keep Your Personal Data Safe

About twenty years ago the product used to be the basis of the market. But now the competition on the market has increased, so the current market’s cornerstone is the customer. Without being consumed, any product is worthless and unprofitable.

A lot of market research must be gone before launching any product in order to find out whether people are going to buy it or not. If a product or a service corresponds to the people’s needs, it will have a big success.

The highest information concentration is on the Internet today, so it makes sense to hold the market research within the World Wide Web. The problem is that the Internet lacks personal data privacy. Data brokers may use different fraudulent schemes in order to obtain personal data that people don’t want to disclose. Among these schemes can be phishing websites, malicious code in free software or even complex social engineering algorithms which force people to disclose the personal data against their will.

This is how we come up with the problem: the more the companies (or brokers) try to receive our personal data online, the better we protect it. But here comes another problem: how can a company assume whether their product is worth buying?

These problems have just one logical solution: the personal data for market research must be bought from people all over the world directly, without any shady intermediaries.

The best-applied realization of this idea is Opiria Platform. It is a Blockchain-based platform that brings companies which are starving for the data and people who are ready to share their data for some rewards.

As for me, the main difference (read - advantage) of Opiria platform in front of common data brokerage companies is that Opiria does not sell the data. The role of a seller completely belongs to a user, which means that the user remains the only owner of his or her personal data.

All the payments within Opiria platform are made in PDATA tokens (the name of the token is short for “personal data”). If a user shares the personal data (it could be shopping information, or an opinion on some object, or a browser behavior, or information about the received education, or location data and many else), he gets a reward in PDATA tokens. The amount of the tokens depends on how valuable the information is for this particular company.

Opiria Platform receives its contract fees (every contract between a user and a company will be represented by an Ethereum Smart Contract which provides the highest level of transparency and security for both parties) and transaction fees from the company that buys the information.

I believe that Opiria Platform will help people reduce the risks people face to while dealing with personal data brokers.

The team has been going through the initial coin offering stage now in order to receive more support from the community. For anybody interested, the official website is:


The Whitepaper: https://opiria.io/static/docs/Opiria-PDATA-Whitepaper.pdf

The official Telegram group: https://t.me/pdatatoken

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Bitcointalk Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3081090

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