CoinMetro — an all-in-one solution for digital economy

Cryptocurrency has broken into people’s live like a tsunami recently. It has brought a whole new approach to the way people do their business. Unless blockchain-based technologies become more popular every other day, they still stay unclear and hard to adopt for many people. CoinMetro platform is created to become an all-in-one solution for digital economy.
CoinMetro will be a genuine ecosystem, including a safe and fast exchange, a trading platform with unique opportunities, and an ICO platform for crowdfunding.

The platform is going to solve major problems with managing digital assets.

Working with existing exchanges cannot be called easy, because there is no single place where a person could buy some Bitcoin for fiat money, then change it into some altcoins, into Bitcoin again, and then cash out. This chain needs at least three different platforms to be run. And every platform takes its fees for exchange and withdrawals. It takes a lot of time, effort and money. For some people running such a chain is impossible because of its complexity. CoinMetro exchange will make it possible to hold any operations safe, fast and with no additional fees.
In order to make it possible to hold, deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency (there will be only top five of market cap at the launch: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash) the CoinMetro platform will launch its own wallet. The team plans to add more and more assets over time, and expand the list to top ten coins on Coin Market Cap.

To let people access their wallet balances worldwide CoinMetro is going to issue a debit card. The team has already have experience in this sphere, so this solution will provide maximum flexibility to its users.

CoinMetro platform will give passive investors a great opportunity to earn on their crypto actives by implementing a secure lending platform. It is envisaged to work by letting lenders state their daily rate on which they are prepared to lend; borrowers will be able to accept and immediately use the underlying assets as margin.
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